Designing solutions for construction workers against global warming @ 8th Inno Show

Funding Scheme/ Student interest groups (SIG) projects

Supervisor: Dr. Zhou, Y.L. (Faculty of Architecture)

Project information

Project descriptions

We are a group of passionate undergraduates interested in designing a cooling accessory that is tailor-made for the construction site. We hope to promote a better working lifestyle for the 580,000 construction workers in HK under global warming, as well as address awareness about outdoor labour safety.

This project combats global warming with ergonomics studies, aerodynamics and electronics engineering. We also plan to integrate the accessory with thermal sensors and IoT systems.

Team information

Project leader: Li Ze Fu Jeff, BA(AS); Wong Jing Hym Joseph, BA(AS)

Team member(s): Mac Ju, BA(AS); Vito Mak, BEng; Sophia Yeung, BBA; Lucia Yeung, LLB

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