Pitch your ideas and grow your own community of passion and interest.

Briefing session: January 7, 2021 (Thursday), 2pm
Application deadline: February 1, 2021 (Monday)
Pitching eventFebruary 23, 2021 (Tuesday) 
Venue: Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing 

About InnoSpark

InnoSpark is a pitching event for students to present their project ideas and recruit prospective teammates and supports to form student interest groups on a wide range of topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, electric automobiles and healthcare technologies. The process helps to improve students’ ability to effectively advocate an idea or proposal to a large group of audience. It also provides an opportunity and flexibility for students to form their own team and grow their community of interest and passion. The judging panel will also provide suggestion on areas of improvement for strengthening their soft and technical skills.

Recap of Briefing Session
  • All engineering undergraduates and InnoHub members are welcome to submit proposals.
  • Shortlisted proposals will be invited to join the pitching on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday).
  • You can join as an individual or as a team.

Your ideas should belong to one or more of the following themes:

  • Smart technology for better living
  • Innovations under post-pandemic world
  • Human-computer interface and integration
  • Any other technology-related themes

And your ideas can fall into one or more of the followings categories:

  • Design concept/ research idea
  • Hands-on projects
  • Technology-related service-learning
  • Product realization/applications
Submission and review of proposals

Please submit your detailed proposal and a one-minute video by February 1, 2021 (Monday) at below:

  • All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Assessment panel and will receive feedback.
  • Shortlisted proposals will be invited to the pitching event on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday), and will receive a Certificate of Merit.
  • Other good proposals will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation and may be approached by Innovation Academy for other suitable opportunities.
Shortlisted proposals
  • Required to give a 5-minute presentation and a 5-minute Q&A on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday).
Important dates & event rundown

Important dates

Date Task
January 7, 2021 (Thursday), 2pm
Briefing session
February 1, 2021 (Monday)
Submission deadline of proposal
February 23, 2021 (Tuesday)
Pitching event
Projects in InnoSpark

To be announced

Awards & Prizes
  • Winning proposals are eligible to apply for the InnoSupport programme for further developing the ideas, and will be awarded a cash prize of HK$1,200.
  • “The Best Presenter” will be awarded a cash prize of HK$1,000.
Judging panel

To be announced

Organizing committee
Dr. T.F. Chui (May)
Associate Head
Innovation Academy
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

Looking forward to be impressed and inspired!

Dr. N. Wong (Sam)
Associate Head
Innovation Academy
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

Where is the wow factor?

Civil Engineering
Innovation Wing tutor
Managing the Engineering InnoShow

Let the spark of creativity light a prairie fire of innovation!

Mechanical Engineering
Innovation Wing tutor

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. Let’s discover the new ocean with our courage and creativity.

Civil Engineering
Innovation Wing tutor

An idea starts with observation.
Innovation starts with ideas.
Engineering starts with innovations.

Civil Engineering
Innovation Wing tutor
Leader of Makerspace Management Team

Engineering: Converting Innovative theories into practical usage.

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

I feel honored to serve on the organizing committee to take forwards the students’ project showcase in the event which brings students and teachers close and act as a platform to breed innovative ideas.
Heartfelt thanks to our team of very motivated and dedicated committee members with their involvement shown. I am also grateful to the projects present here, the encouragement helps us to carry out such a meaningful event.
I am looking forward to more Engineering InnoShow events. With our collective efforts, they must be memorable and successful.

Technical manager
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization. In view of the irreversible impact of modern technology on the human race, it is my passion to work with the team to maximize our contributions in the areas we are currently serving. Through the endless creativity and new inspiration from our works, we hope our students will be equipped to be versatile and flexible, ready to walk on a successful path when stepping into the rapidly changing world.

Executive Officer
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

I am proud to be working at Innovation Wing team, in which the the team spirit motivates me to learn and grow. I always devote particular attention to innovation and technology in belief that innovation has the most impact on our future, and it’s necessary to prepare our students for this technology-driven world. 

Motivation is the spark that get us started. I am grateful to work with other committees with a lot of creativity here, which also inspires me with my son as a kid to create the fantastic moment.

Dr. C.K. Chui (Kit)
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

We believe our future engineers should nourish a sense of mission to make a better world with technological innovations. Engineering educators should engage students to explore the world, creating opportunities for them to learn about the needs of the underprivileged, and acquiring practical work experience in developing solutions with real-world impact.