Student-initiated course 2023-2024
About Student-initiated courses

Supported by the Innovation Academy, a student-initiated course is a student-run experiential activity to design, develop and teach a course on a technology-related topic under the supervision of a Faculty Advisor. By creating a peer-learning community, students can share their knowledge and skills with fellow students. Besides, “learning
by teaching” helps to train up students’ confidence, organizational, communication and leadership skills.

Available course in Semester 2, AY2023/24
Course code Hosting Team Course title Course outline Registration
Design, Build and Fly
FlightTech: Exploring Aerospace Innovation through Simulation and Fabrication
Available courses in Semester 1, AY2023/24
Course code Hosting Team Course title Course outline
Design, Build and Fly
AeroVentures: A Deep Dive into Modern Aviation
NestSpace: Makerspace Innovations
3D Modeling Fundamentals: From Concept to Creation
HKU RoboMaster & HKU Astar
Robotics and AI: An Introduction by HKU RoboMaster and Astar
HKU Robocon
Introduction to Robotics Software Design
HKU Robocon
Introduction to Design and Manufacture for Robotics
HKU Robocon
Introduction to Electronic Design on Robotic Systems
BREED Robotics
My First Robot
Course Description

The following topics will be covered:

  • Design and draw circuits.
  • Create and edit designs, symbols and hierarchical designs.
  • Understand the working principles of motors.
  • Understand the working principles of motors driver circuits.
  • Learn different soldering techniques and how to use basic electronic equipment                                                  such as oscilloscopes and multimeters.
  • PCB Design using Altium or KiCad.
  • Using STM boards.
  • Designing custom PCBs for arm microcontrollers.
Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able :

  • to design and construct circuits
  • to design and produce Printed Circuit Boards
  • to apply various peripherals on STM boards
  • to solve engineering problems as a member of a team
  • to use IT in communication
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