Projects developed by Student Research Assistants of Innovation Wing

Supervisor: Prof. Benjamin C.M. KAO  (Department of Computer Science)

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CLIC-Chat is an innovative AI chat tool designed to provide reliable and up-to-date legal assistance with a focus on Hong Kong law. Unlike other chat tools, CLIC-Chat boasts a comprehensive HK knowledge database, ensuring accurate responses tailored to the local context. By leveraging the RAG technique, it guarantees trustworthy information while staying current with the latest legal developments. One of its standout features is the ability to ask valuable questions, akin to a skilled lawyer, to gather essential details from users’ stories. This enables CLIC-Chat to provide personalized legal guidance and suggestions, knowing precisely when to stop questioning and offer relevant insights. With CLIC-Chat, users can confidently navigate legal matters, receive accurate information, and make informed decisions.

Project innovation

We’ve developed an AI Legal Assistant Application which has the ability of intelligent questioning and providing reliable suggestions. The application is powered by CLIC database and OpenAI ChatGPT.


Team information

Project leader: HUANG Leyang, BEng(CompSc)

Team member(s): CHEN Xiang, BEng(CompSc)

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Winner of the Inno Show Award @ The 6th Inno Show

This project team was selected for the Inno Show award at the 6th Inno Show. 

This team has received HK$20,000 sponsorship to participate in international design competition(s) and consumables expenses to support further development of the project.

The best project award - COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming @ The 1st Engineering InnoShow

This project team was selected for the best project award – COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming at the 1st Engineering InnoShow.

PERfECT Wearables: for Minimally-Invasive and Continuous Blood-Glucose Monitoring was selected for the Inno Show Award
Photos in the Engineering Inno Show