Mezzanine floor at the Research Student Centre
Haking Wong Building
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong


Dear Students,

Welcome to the Dreamlab, a place where we turn our ideals and dreams into reality. Ideas may come and go, but it’s the projects: the physical manifestation of our concepts, that will live on amongst the minds of many. The Dreamlab is essentially a makerspace, a place that is reserved for creative explorations, engineering, tinkering, inventing, etc. basically a place for crazy experimentation and development.

Here at the Dreamlab, we build everything from the ground up. We put into design the systems we have in our minds, and head on to make a first prototype! A common misconception is the notion that you need to be well funded or have a very fancy lab to start with robotics or any prototyping work. Most of the projects here are assembled with equipment from the lab, except for a few large manufacturing items. You’ll see it when you arrive, all it takes to build something great is your own creativity and determination to see your project through.

A space is made to be a space by the people who inhabit it. Likewise the Dreamlab is defined by the people in it and the projects they are working towards. It is this diversity of people that contribute to the creative spirit of making, whereby these serendipitous late night discussions become the catalyst of new concepts and solutions to existing problems that plagued us. Everyone here is a part of a larger community of creators, working together towards pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Fair warning, make sure to bring only an open mind, and a truckload of questions to satisfy your curiosity.

Happy Tinkering!


Students have to go through the following three steps (namely Registration, Membership payment, and pass the Safety training) before granting access to the DreamLab.

Membership is granted in semester-based:

  • The Fall semester (Sep – Dec)
  • The Spring semester (Jan – May)
  • The Summer semester (June – Aug)

Inno Wing users who would like to renew their membership have to go through the following three steps again.

Step 1. Registration



The following students are eligible to apply for membership.

  • Enrolled in an Inno Wing affiliated course in the semester, arranged by the course instructor(s).
  • Member of an Inno Wing affiliated student interest group in the semester, arranged by the project supervisor(s).
  • Sponsored guest of Inno Wing (by individual invitation).
  • All Engineering students  (not offered until Inno Wing is in operation).

Step 2. Makerpass fee


Waiver arrangements:

  • Students can opt to apply to become Inno Wing helper in Step 1. Registration. and can enjoy the membership for free.
  • Please check the duty of Inno Wing helper here.
Membership types:
  • Standard Makerpass (HKD $500 per semester) 
Please verify your eligibility from Step 1. before proceeding with the membership fee payment. Refunds will not be issued.

Step 3. General Safety Training

key safe
Safety training arrangements:
  • Members who finished Step 2. will be enrolled into a Moodle course named “INNOWING Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing”.
  • Please follow the instructions in the Moodle course and work on the safety training module.
  • Members who pass the safety training quiz on Moodle will be able to access the DreamLab and use the basic hand/power tools provided (usually 1-2 working days for access right activation).
  • Only members who pass the safety training will be granted access to the DreamLab.
Students who have passed the safety training in previous semester can waive the training, unless it is deemed necessary by Inno Wing staff.
Inno Wing helper

Dear Students,

Let’s join us to make our Inno Wing a safe, clean, tidy and cool place for student innovation!

We are looking for passionate and responsible student volunteers to help with the followings tasks to make our Inno Wing a great place for everyone :-).

Students who are interested to contribute please let us know in Step 1. Registration in the membership application. Thank you!

Best regards,


Tasks for helpers Details Minimum requirement
Inno Wing on-duty specialist
  • The first person of contact - Presence in the workshop/DreamLab and wear the "On-duty" badge through the entire regular walk-in session.
  • Enforce safety - Remind and help workshop users to use the equipment and tools in a safe way.
  • Report incident - Report to the technical manager in case of any safety and emergency issues spotted.
  • Keep the space clean and tidy - Remind and help the DreamLab users to keep the work space clean and tidy. 

At least 2 regular walk-in sessions per week (Morning, afternoon, evening sessions, Mon to Sat).

Inno Wing ambassador
  • Help to host the visiting tour for a group of visitors (e.g., secondary school students, guests).
  • This includes introducing the Inno Wing space and facilities, projects and activities.
Help to host at least 3 tours in a semester.
Inno Wing event organizing committee
  • Provide help during Inno Wing events such as the Engineering InnoShow, Engineering info day.
Help in at least 2 events in a semester.
Opening hours

There are three regular walk-in sessions from Monday to Saturday (Except University holiday).

  • Morning session: 9:30 – 12:30
  • Afternoon session: 13:30 – 16:30
  • Evening session: 16:30 – 19:30
  • The last half hour of each session is the cleaning session, users in the session are required to keep the workspace clean and tidy before leaving
  • Beyond the regular sessions or reserve the Lab for other events/activities:  requires special approval by the Inno Wing technical manager Mr. C.S. Seto
    • Please write to Mr. Seto at csseto@hku.hk (and Miss Emily Leung at emilyleung@hku.hk) for application 5 days in advance of the your planned date.
    • State in the email the date/period of time, purpose and student-in-charge.
    • Notification of email will be received with the approval status.

Please also check the DreamLab schedule. Some days are reserved for other events/ activities purpose and are not available. Time slots that are not reserved are free walk-in sessions

DreamLab schedule
Who is on duty?
Equipment & tools

Dear Students,

Safety is the most important consideration at Inno Wing.

  • Passing the general safety training in Step 3 of membership registration will allow you to use the general hand tools and power tools provided in the workspace.
  • For using other equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, etc., you have to go through additional training, which will cover operational instruction, safety, and usage policy of individual equipment.
  • In any cases, if you are not sure about how to use particular equipment & tools, please contact the on-duty Inno Wing specialists or our technical manager for help and guidance.

We are very happy to support your work and provide help 🙂
Best regards,



Dear Students,

There should be NO personal / project storage allowed in any places of the Inno Wing (including the DreamLab).

  • Only supervisor of your project can request storage space for your project in Inno Wing. Once approved, Inno Wing will provide storage box(es) for your project.
  • You can only store your project items inside the storage box(es). The storage box(es) has to return to the storage space assigned by Inno Wing after use.
  • Any unattended items will be removed from the Inno Wing during the cleaning session (right after each walk-in session).
  • Storage policy has to be strictly followed.

Best regards,