Electrospun reusable nanofibrous membrane filters for environmental applications

Course project, CIVL4102 Final year project (Coordinator: Dr. Sergio Lourenco)

Project supervisor: Prof. Chuyang Y. Tang, Dr. Hao Guo (Department of Civil Engineering)

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Our team developed highly efficient nanofibrous membrane filters for different environmental applications, including water and air purification. We utilized electrospinning as a platform to fabricate functional nanofibrous membrane filters for pollutant removal, including heavy metals, particulate matters, etc. Thanks to the high porosity of nanofibers, the filtration consumes almost zero electricity without sacrificing efficiency. Moreover, after saturation of contaminants, the filters can be easily regenerated by simple washing with daily accessible agents like citric acid and ethanol. The project aims at offering a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle for modern society. Thus, commercialization opportunities are highly welcome.

Team information

Project leader: Zhang Junwei, BEng(CivE)

Team member(s): Yan Tung Lo Lydia, BBA

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A team of undergraduate students at HKU has developed reusable face masks with novel air filters that can help reduce environmental pollution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a nanofibrous structure prepared by electrospinning, the filters have higher particle removal efficiency compared to  filter materials used for face masks in the market. Moreover, the filters can be used repeatedly after simple rinsing and drying.

The team is led by undergraduates Junwei Zhang and Yan Tung Lo guided by Professor Chuyang Tang and Dr Hao Guo at HKU’s Department of Civil Engineering.

The work has won several awards including a Gold Medal at the 5th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada. The team has filed for a US Provisional Patent and is seeking collaboration with industrial partners to commercialise the technology.

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. 2019-2020 The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2020

. 2019-2020 Special Award by Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS)

. 2019-2020 Top 20 Best Invention Award in the 5th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada

. 2019-2020 Gold Medal in the 5th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada

The best project award - COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming @ The 1st Engineering InnoShow

This project team was selected for the best project award – COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming at the 1st Engineering InnoShow.

Members of the Club Grenade project team in HKUEAA Annual Dinner