The 1st Greater Bay Area drone competition

Team GG2EZ Drone Studio

Host department: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Hong Kong
Project supervisor: Dr. Fu Zhang 

About the competition

Theme: executing a rescue mission by drone through automation

Drone: Self-controlled quadcopter without a pilot control able to grab and drop a medical package.

Flight area: 20m x 10m, height 5m, filled with props obstacle such as fake tree and other distraction. One of each vertical and horizontal hole required the drone the cross.

Task: Search for dummy victims and hover above the location of the dummies. While sending light and sound signal while hovering above dummies according to the numbers of victims, then, drop the medical package according to the number of dummies.

Key of competition: construction of automation program which allow the quadcopter to fly automatically.

Details about the game rule

Specification of drone

Requirement Specification
Size of the drone
Less than 400mm×400mm×300mm
Diagonal wheelbase
Between 300mmm to 500mm
Net weight
Less than 1000g
Maximum load
Less than 500g
Maximum takeoff weight
Less than 1500g
Method of control
Manual control, Autonomous control or Hybrid control



The drone takes off from the search and rescue base (the landing zone) and crosses the obstacles following order of A, B, C, and D. The task is to search for the target and locate their position, report the number of targets, and drop enough medicines and supplies to the location. Those zones consist of multiple interferences including mirrors, wind and going through tunnels

Field settings Specification
Flight area
20m × 10m, height 5m
Scene area
There are props such as distress, rockery, fake tree, etc. The referee arranges according to the scene of the game. The vertical and horizontal crossing holes are cylindrical wireframes with a diameter of 600mm and a length of 1000mm.
Medicine Package dropping area
It is a green circle with a diameter of 2m. There are 5 concentric circles in the circle, and the distance between concentric circles is 20cm.

There is a medicine grabbing station near the landing zone, which is placed in the material storage area.

A medicine pack is placed on the medicine grabbing table and weighs about 50 grams. The size and shape are shown in the below figure. (1m x 1m x 0


On site Logo design

One representative per team.

Design the logo on the computer and draw the component engineering drawing and print it out by 3D printing.

Rules of competition
  1. Only 4 members of the team allowed going to the competition venue.
  2. Each team has 3 minutes to test and prepare the drone.
  3. Each team has 2 chance to complete in each location, the result will take the better one. (No additional testing time between 2 try-out) The drone has to complete the task in A, B, C, and D scene in alphabetical order with 2 minutes of adjustment in each scene.
  4. Every rescue must less than 2 minutes. (Count right after takeoff signal has announced by judges)
  5. During the game, the drone cannot tough any obstacles for more than 5 seconds.
  6. If the flight was failed during the game, you must back to the takeoff zone to start again
  7. For searching, the lighting signal must maintain more than 5 seconds
  8. The number of “Beep” sound: represents the number of distressed people, need to repeat 5 round for each location, separated 1 second for each round. For every “beep”, separation will be 0.1 seconds.
Project team
Yan To Yip (Yanto)
Mechanical Engineering
Design, manufacturing and management
I'm Yanto, I love solving puzzles during free time. I see this a chance to solve the real-life problem with what I've learned as an engineering student.
Tin Yau Chuk (Christal)
I’m Christal. Anything can fly is my field of interest. This project will be a tough one but I will do my best and keep my enthusiasm all the time.
Wai Hin Chau (Ivan)
Mechanical Engineering
Design, manufacturing and management
Pak Chuen Hau (Jason)
Mechanical Engineering
Design and manufacturing

I am Jason, building stuff is already my favorite, you said to make it fly? Just let me join already!

Tsz Sang Chim (Sam)
Computer Science
Computer Vision
I am Sam, I am interested in machine learning and related field. This project is my first attempt to turn knowledge into practical applications and I will do my best.

Dear all, 

We currently have a drone made and we are looking for teammates who are good at Python Programming skills and have drone programming experience before.
Thinking your life is too EZ? Want Challenge? Join our team for drone development. 
Our team is a newly established team dedicated to drone competition.
Currently, we will be aiming for the Greater Bay Area Drone competition held on 26-27 in October 2019.
And also aiming to hold a Hong Kong region pre-match.
Fill in the form to join the game.

Should you have inquiries, please feel free to contact us in or whatapps to Ivan at 51864686.
We are looking forward to seeing you in our team 🙂 

Best Regards, 
GG2EZ Drone Studio

Project agenda
  • July- Recruitment

    Open recruitment for students preferably in the BEng(EE) and BEng(ComSc) programme. 

  • August - First working prototype

    We target to build the first working prototype in July and August. 

  • September - Optimization and pre-match

  • October 26,27 - Competition at South China University of Technology (華南理工大學五山校區)

    The competition will require presentations and on site matches. 

Project video
Project images