ELEC3848 Integrated design project

Appear in the 1st Engineering InnoShow (30 April 2019)

Chair: Dr. K.S. Lui and Dr. K.H. Lam (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Project arrangements

Dr. K.S. Lui and Dr. K.H. Lam (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Coordinated Autonomous Vehicle System

3 out of 27 projects will be selected to participate in the Engineering InnoShow. Projects with innovation will be selected.


In this project, the students will develop a system of two coordinated vehicles that would accomplish some tasks, such as identify a particular location, traverse a pre-defined path, perform wireless charging, etc.

First, the students can realize how to practically apply their knowledge learned in other courses in a real system. As it is a team project, the students will also learn communication skill and social skill through working together.

Engineers apply theoretical knowledge to develop real systems to solve real-life problems. This project provides hands-on experience to students on the procedure on transforming their knowledge into real-life problem solutions.

The students have to apply innovation in developing the project. They have to pick up new technology and conduct research within a few months.

A project that demonstrates innovative ideas that further advances existing applications. Moreover, as this course involves students of different programmes, a good project would reflect the integration of technologies of different disciplines.

List of projects

RFID and autonomous vehicle

Have you ever imagined that your vehicle can be self-controlled automatically? Your car will bring you to your designated destination with the fastest route, avoiding collision while your hands are not holding the steering wheel or even following a specific car that has the same destination as you. All of these can be achieved by autonomous vehicle.
In the project, our main objective is to create a simple and reliable autonomous vehicle. With RFID control, your dream may success . This is the future autonomous vehicle.

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Smart parking system

Have you ever felt tired when you need to find a parking space inside a car park? Do you want to save your precious time from queueing at the car park entrance? If so, Smart Parking System is your solution. When you are entering the car park with Smart Parking System, what you need to do will be just driving your car onto our Smart Guided Vehicle. The Smart Guided Vehicle will then drive your car to the assigned parking space. When you want to take your car back, you can assign the time that you prefer. The process will be smart, user-friendly, energy-efficient and effective.

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