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Host department: Department of Computer Science

Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Wong (Department of Computer Science)

About Robomaster

RoboMaster (the RM) is one of the world’s biggest, most complex and completely over the top student robotics competition. During the 5-day competition, students from over 200 universities around the world compete in front tens of thousands of fans while millions more watch online. The whole thing takes place inside a colossal stadium in Shenzhen, an arena that usually holds the country’s biggest rock stars. It is all being funded by Da Jiang Innovations Science & Technology Co, which is widely known as Dji, a company famous of its drone product named Phantom. The competitors are here not only for cash prizes but a chance to audition their talents for jobs in Dji. Dji on the other hand wants to use this competition to become the most successful robotics company in the world. This is RoboMaster, a stage for the robot-lovers to achieve their childhood dreams.

—- Da Jiang Innovation & Technology Co

How is the competition like?

This competition is kind of a tower defense game in robots version. A LOL (League of Legends) player may be excited in the game since the entire settings are quite alike. Instead, we don’t choose heroes; we BUILD our own troops!

In the game, we have heroes, infantries, and drones that can shoot at the enemies to defend our base and attack theirs. Sentries are in charge of the base protection, just like defense towers. Similar to those in the LOL, the sentries are complete automatic robots which dodge, search and attack without involving humans.

The same technology is put into usage in Tesla and Google newest autopilot cars. Also, we have a huge robot called ‘Engineer’ to fetch the supply and to rescue the others. All of the robots mentioned above, except the sentry, are controlled by the operators in the first perspective. The operators are seated in the controlling rooms like all the esports games.

Actually, we operators and the developers are the E-SPORT HEROES as well, fighting for the glory and enjoying the cheers!

In a nutshell, how is the RoboMaster like? It is League of Legends plus Call of Duty; it is a tower defence game with our robot troop; it is a stage for you to become stars!

—- Herkules, the RoboMaster Team of the University of Hong Kong

Team Captain of Herkules, the RoboMaster Team of the University of HongKong
Team organization
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Team members

Why join Robomaster?

RoboMaster is an ideal competition for anyone who is enthusiastic about robotics, computer programming, mechanics, electronics, or even e-sports. If you are looking forward to a professional experience in building robots, or want to have a learning experience and find productive work for your time during the semester, Robomaster will hit the mark for your expectations!

We cannot promise a champion or a prize since it depends on everyone in our team. But we can guarantee you that you never regret joining us now!

Automation Engineer

  • Preference: CS, CE or EEE students.
  • Requirements: Programming in C
  • Expectations: You will be able to learn about:
    1. Embedded system
    2. Operation system
    3. Software Engineering & Version control
    4. Computer networking and communication technology

FBW Engineer

  • Preference: CS or CE or EEE students.
  • Requirements: Fundamental programming skills, passion for technology 
  • Expectations: You will be able to learn about:
    1. Development and maintenance of flight control algorithms.
    2. Fundamental computer vision knowledge and embedded system development knowledge.
    3. Collaborative programming on a large project.
    4. System component utilization and testing.
    5. How to test and fly a drone!

Algorithm Engineer

  • Preference: CS students or Mathematics students
  • Requirements: Some knowledge of C++ programming, Linux operating system, concepts of computer vision, machine learning, or cameras.
  • Expectations: You will be able to learn about:
    1. Managing, operating and programming an on-board Linux mini-PC in a robot.
    2. Collaborative programming with team members using Git.
    3. Elementary knowledge of OpenCV, C, Git.

Hardware Engineer

  • Preference: CE or EEE students
  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of electronics
  • Expectations: You will be able to learn about:
    1. Basic circuitry and safety
    2. Soldering and wiring
    3. Signals and electronic devices
    4. Some machine learning techniques

Mechanical Designing Engineer

  • Preference: ME students
  • Requirements: Patient and disciplined, and able to handle pressure and complete miscellaneous tasks in an organised way.
  • Expectations: You will be able to learn about:
    1. Mechatronics design methodology and workflow
    2. Software operations for CAD (computer aided design) and FEA (finite element analysis)
    3. Prototyping (3D Printing & elementary machining)
    4. Actuation analysis and design
    5. Structural analysis and design
    6. Properties of materials and common fabrication methods
    7. Engineering standards
    8. Basic control theory and EEE knowledge

Engineer for Venue Construction & Testing

  • Preference: ME or CE or EEE or CS or Civil-E students
  • Requirements: Disciplined, perform testing strictly according to standards and handle documentation well
  • Expectations:
    You will be able to learn the following:
    1. Testing methodology and workflow
    2. Software operations for CAD (computer aided design) and FEA (finite element analysis)
    3. Prototyping (3D Printing & elementary machining)
    4. Actuation analysis and design (for testing platform construction)
    5. Structural analysis and design (for testing platform construction)
    6. Properties of materials and common fabrication methods
    7. Engineering standards
    8. Basic control theory and EEE knowledge
Opportunity to enroll in credit-bearing course

COMP3414 Experiential Learning on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is a multidisciplinary experiential learning course offered by the Department of Computer Science in the 2nd semester.

This course is designed for Engineering students to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Students will learn AI and robot related technical disciplines (such as machine vision, embedded system design, mechanical control, inertial navigation, human-computer interaction, etc.) through designing and building intelligent robots, and forming teams to participate in robotics competitions such as RoboMaster Robotics Competition and AI Driving Olympics, etc.

To enroll in this course, students are required to:

  • Have at least one year of experience in the respective teams (i.e., RoboMaster Team or AI-DO Team) to familiarize themselves with the rules of the respective competitions and acquire a fundamental technical background in building and programming robots.
  • Have individual contribution to the technical aspect of the project work related to artificial intelligence and robotics.

Checkout more information about the course requirements, eligibility and assessments in the following page.

What members have learnt from Robomaster

Eric, a year-2 CS student, senior aerial robot engineer

學到的知識:熟練掌握Solidworks建模及繪圖實用部分功能;了解部分機械設計常識,包括零件、作動機構、連接機構設計;掌握部分加工技能,包括使用電鑽、電鋸及操作3D打印機;熟練掌握裝配技能,包括螺絲及螺母的選型及各類扳手的使用;初步掌握簡單氣動元件的使用,包括空氣壓縮機、氣瓶、恆壓閥及氣缸和使用ADAMS進行模擬運動仿真及分析。 經歷閱歷:獨自完成了半個(對,就半個)機器人從設計到迭代到組裝成型的整個過程,為以后參與機器人項目積累了相當的經驗;另外對於3D打印機的熟練使用也為以后自己完成獨立項目打好了基礎;在這一年內完成的裝配與加工工作培養了工程師素養;最后,在這一年內,尤其是兩次赴深圳比賽期間,我對團隊的協同工作該如何開展有了更新的認識。

Li Jia Long, a year-2 computer engineering student, mechanism designer

In the last year, I was in charge of the electronic control of the different types of robots. We used C language embedded in
RTOS system and the STM32 microprocessor to control the robots. I learned some of the robotics control theories, such as PID, finite state machine and Kalman filter. I also acquired practical skills in EE area, like how to read a schematic and how to do soldering… The RoboMaster is an international competition held by DJI, where we fight against opponents around the world. You can learn so much cutting-edge technology from your teammates and from other teams.

Leo Y. C. Liu, a year-2 computer science students, automation developer

“I was very intrigued by the opportunity of making robots. Gaining hands on experience is great, but interacting at a deeper level with geeks is perhaps even more enriching :-D”

Joyce X. X. Wang, project manager, Robomaster 2019

“I joined this team as a freshman uncertain and confused. But now, I feel grateful of this choice, because in here, not only did I acquire precious experience of robotics, but also make treasured friendship with my teammates. I’d say this team, or this competition inspires me of some of my future direction that I want to keep pursuing.”

Leo Y. C. Liu, group leader of the fighter group, Robomaster 2019

“In 2018-2019 RoboMaster, I have learned a lot on programming matters for examples real-time operating system, etc. and I meet wonderful people in RoboMaster team which help me learn better in engine course in year 1. Also, RoboMaster provides me a chance that I could apply my learning in real-life problems.”

Macro Z. Y. Mak, software developer, Robomaster 2019

“I feel like a part of a warm family though I involved in this team in the first semester. In 2019 RoboMaster, my core role transfer from technology development to management. My communication and presentation skills developed.”

Z. Q. Huang, captain during the year of 2018, Robomaster 2018

“In 18/19 RoboMaster, my engineering skills and innovative thinking have strengthened a lot. This competition is exactly a reality video game. Any crazy ideas can become true, such as car moving horizontal and the mushroom in Mario Cart.”

Hostin Kuo, hardware developer, Robomaster 2019

“During my time in RoboMaster, I have learned a lot on not only technical skills on how to develop a robot but also skills on how to interact with people. The most satisfying experience of all is to implement to the power management system to allow the car to get extra power when needed for slope climbing or acceleration.”

Feng Yip, hardware developer

“The competition gave an opportunity to have a glimpse of the industry-level developing procedure and a chance to get involved in real software development. In the RoboMaster, for the first time, I got to know about the function pointers and practiced OOP skills in language C. Also, for the first time I started to utilize the Git to manage a huge project with tens of thousands of codes. The experience in the team is somehow like an internship but with more motivations and a stronger sense of achievement afterward. I do enjoy the year and cherish the knowledge and practice the team has offered me.”

David Y. H. Liu, software developer

“It is a year of growth for me both academically and practically. Such competition exposes my vulnerability when facing pressure and give me a chance to adopt a more positive attitude toward it.”

Eric S. R. Chen, group leader of the aerial robot group, Robomaster 2019

“Despite my major in Computer Engineering, I still have been able to have a taste of the mechanical designing thanks to the team. I have learned how to use Solidworks to construct models, how to simulate the motions and how to assemble components together. It broadens my horizons and offers me more knowledge than what I can gain within the classrooms.”

Rex J. L. Li, mechanical designer, Robomaster 2019

“In the year, I mainly focus on the computer vision area. The experience greatly enhanced my abilities in coding and algorithm analyzing. It motivates me to touch some of the frontiers of scientific research. I am convinced that the team has enabled me for the upcoming challenges in the future study.”

B. R. Dong, group leader of computer vision group, Robomaster 2019

“The biggest takeaway here is you will never be able to experience anything like Robomaster elsewhere. It’s exhilarating complexity and intensity kept us on our feet throughout the season. I appreciate what we have achieved because of how much we have grown together as a team.”

Sean Chok, mechanical designer, Robomaster 2019

“In this year’s RoboMaster career, I learned some of the common knowledge of mechanical design, mastered assembly skills, for future participation in the robot project has accumulated considerable experience, training engineers. During the year, especially during the two trips to Shenzhen, I had an updated understanding of how the team worked together.”

Edwin, mechanical designer, Robomaster 2019

Info session on 2019-9-5
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