Schedule and arrangement

The University has established guidelines on Infection Control Measures (see

These include but not restricted to

Main Entrance

  • [Temperature check] Temperature check using IR camera is done at the main entrance. Persons with fever would be declined from entering the Innovation Wing and advised to visit a medical doctor as soon as possible.
  • [In/out record and health declaration form for all users] All users entering/leaving Innovation Wing (including staff, members, visitors, workers) should sign the in/out record and the health declaration form provided at the main entrance.
  • [Disinfection] Alcohol-based hand rub is provided at the main entrance for disinfecting.
  • [Mask on all the time in Innovation Wing] Masks should be worn in all workplaces. Users without wearing masks will not be allowed to enter the Innovation Wing.
  • [Visitor badge] A visitor badge will be given to all non-Innovation Wing staff for identification.

Inside Innovation Wing

  • [Mask on all the time in Innovation Wing] Masks should be worn in all workplaces inside Innovation Wing.
  • [Maintain social distancing]
    • Maintain 1.5 m social distancing.
    • Innovation Wing users should work in groups of no more than two inside Innovation Wing.
  • [Disinfection] Alcohol-based paper towel is provided at makerspace,  users should clean the workspace after use.
Main entrance: Mask on, temperature check, sanitize hands, keep social distancing, fill in/out record and health declaration form before entering Innovation Wing.
Entrance gate: Thermal camera installed for temperature screening before passing the entrance gate.
Inside Innovation Wing: Maintain social distancing, work in groups of no more than allowed size, mask on, stay vigilant, clean and disinfect your workspace after use inside Innovation Wing.
Overall schedule
Instruction for staff to register record
  • Use any machine to login Google account name: hkuiwbooking, pw: bookingtwfiw
  • Add in the calendar record in the right calendar with the name:

[Course name/unit, Supervisor] Venue/equipment reserved for purpose

[HKU Robocon, Dr. HH Cheung] Electronic workbench reserved for Robocon training

Inno Induction tours
Conference room
Makerspace and equipment
  • Makerspace A and B (workbenches)
  • Electronic workbenches
  • 3D printing farm
  • Acrylic laser cutting and engraving machine
  • Metal laser cutting and engraving machine
Machine shop
  • Low-risk hand power tools
  • CNC milling machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Water jet cutting machine
  • Spray paint station
Event halls A and B
Open event area
  • Open event area
  • Meeting room 1 & 2
  • LED wall
Digital learning studio
Special project studio