SLAM robot with monocular depth estimation @ 8th Inno Show

Final Year Projects / Capstone Projects (By department nomination only)

Supervisor: Dr Lee C.K. (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Project information

Project descriptions

This project aim to construct a robot using SLAM and a monocular camera for both SLAM and depth estimates. The system will be able to map the environment correctly and robustly, determining the robot’s location and orientation inside it. The robot can then estimate the depth using a deep learning model and pictures recorded by the monocular camera as input. This research intends to develop robotics and computer vision by investigating the potential of monocular cameras for SLAM and depth estimation, which might have practical applications in autonomous navigation and depth estimation through the use of a neural network model.

Project innovation

A robot with AI application is built.

Team information

Project leader: Tam Yung Yip, BEng(EE)

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