A Smart Robotic Walker with Intelligent Close-proximity Interaction Capabilities for Elderly Mobility Safety

Course project, COMP3414 Experiential Learning on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Coordinator: Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong)

Project supervisor: Prof. Chuan Wu (Department of Computer Science)

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We propose a novel smart robotic walker that targets a convenient-to-use indoor walking aid for the elderly. The walker supports multiple modes of interactions through voice, gait, or haptic touch, and allows intelligent control via learning-based methods to achieve mobility safety. Our design enables a flexible, initiative, and reliable walker due to three main functions. Our walker tracks users in front by detecting lower limb gait while providing close-proximity walking safety support. By monitoring force pressure on a specially designed soft-robotic interface on the handle, the walker can detect human intentions and predict emergency events. Our walker performs reinforcement learning-based sound source localization to locate and navigate to the user based on his/her voice signals.

Team information

Project leader: Zhao Chongyu, MPhil

Team member(s): Hu Dongmo; Ye Zhitong

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