Exit Finder – navigational assistance for VIPs

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Supervisor: Dr. Chan, Y.K. Joseph (Department of Ophthalmology)

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Through interviewing Visually Impaired Person(s) (VIPs) from the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, our team identified the struggle that VIPs face when having to use the MTR. VIPs have difficulty travelling to new places with the MTR on their own due to the lack of accessibility in the MTR stations. The mobile application “The Exit Finder” aims to provide an offline in-station barrier-free navigational assistance for VIPs. The proposed mobile application will present text-to-speech information about the directions towards the chosen MTR exit based on the tactile paths available in every MTR station. The success of this strategy, without the requirement of installation of additional facilities, improves the railway travelling experience of VIPs particularly travelling around unfamiliar stations, as public transport should be accessible for everyone.

Team information

Project leader: Rachel Natalie, BME

Team member(s): Nafisa Humayra, BME; Leung Charlotte, MBBS; Poon Yin Yung, MBBS; Mahin Md Abdullah Al, BEng(CompSc); Richard Bryan, BEng(CompSc)

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Winner of the Inno Show Award @ The 6th Inno Show

This project team was selected for the Inno Show award at the 6th Inno Show. 

This team has received HK$20,000 sponsorship to participate in international design competition(s) and consumables expenses to support further development of the project.

The best project award - COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming @ The 1st Engineering InnoShow

This project team was selected for the best project award – COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming at the 1st Engineering InnoShow.

PERfECT Wearables: for Minimally-Invasive and Continuous Blood-Glucose Monitoring was selected for the Inno Show Award
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