HKU Racing @ 8th Inno Show

Funding Scheme/ Student interest groups (SIG) projects

Supervisor: Dr Ko M.W.L. (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

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Project descriptions

HKU Racing Aims to complete the production of HKU01 in the winter of 2022 getting it ready for fine tuning in the spring of 2023 and reaching race ready state before summer 2023 which we are planning to ship it to UK for FSUK 2023 class 1 dynamics event. At the mean time the design work of HKU02 will begins at the first quarter of 2023 simultaneously. Sightseeing and recruitment event will also be hosted throughout this period, for team promotion and learning purposes.


Race Tech William Kimberley Award in the Formula Student UK 2022 Concept Class competition

Team information

Project leader: So Rick William, BEng(ME)

Team member(s): Chan Chak Ho Max; Chau Long Yu Cyrus; Chung Chin Hong Jack; Hui Chun Kit Jacky Jacky; Lai Hau Hin Victoria; Lau Wing Sze Grace; Lau Yui Cheung Roger; Leung Tsz Kin Mathew; Li Chi Kin Zachery Zac; Tse Ka Chun Kenneth

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