Machine Vision for Urban Farming Applications

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Supervisor: Dr. Hayden K.H. So (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering); Dr. P. Lu (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

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The flowers of strawberries are insect-pollinated flowers that require insects to pollinate in the nature environment. However, insects will not be found in indoor hydroponic farms. Strawberry flowers require insects for the pollination process. Therefore, manual pollination is required since insects cannot be found in the indoor hydroponic lab.

In order to reduce the manpower and enhance the automation of urban indoor hydroponic farming, an autonomous pollination system will be developed for Vegetable Marketing Organization (VMO). This application applies YOLOv4 for detecting the strawberry flowers and for classifying the color of anthers. Also, this system includes the flower growing tracker, which can record the growing situation of the flower for the research fields related to planting.

Team information

Project leader: CHIN Ming Sum, Wright, BEng(CE)

Team member(s): LAM Perth, Patrick, BEng(CE); LAM Chun San, BEng(ME); Ahmad Rizwan KHAN, BEng(ME); SIN Chun Sang, BEng(ME)

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Winner of the Inno Show Award @ The 5th Inno Show

This project team was selected for the Inno Show award at the 5th Inno Show. 

This team has received HK$20,000 sponsorship to participate in international design competition(s) and consumables expenses to support further development of the project.

The best project award - COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming @ The 1st Engineering InnoShow

This project team was selected for the best project award – COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming at the 1st Engineering InnoShow.

Members of the Club Grenade project team in HKUEAA Annual Dinner
Photos in the Engineering Inno Show