Piezoelectric shoe

Course project, ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World

Project supervisor: Dr. K.L. Or (Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

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Harvesting mechanical energy from human motion in day to day life is a very attractive way of creating sustainable electric energy and a piezoelectric shoe exactly does that. Since it is a wearable energy harvester, it is very convenient to use it and has many advantages which will be discussed further. It generates electricity through piezoelectric effect in the shoe and stores it in a battery which can further be used to charge your phone. When a person walks electrical energy is produced and that energy is stored in the battery.

Team information

Project leader: Syed Neha Tasleem, BEng

Team member(s): Chan Pik Sui Briony, BEng; Sofjan Benedictus Alvian, BEng; Slamet Mikael Ken, BEng; Cheung Hoi Yin Haydn, BEng; Rajesh Shah Punit, BEng

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