Augmented reality in retail

Final Year Project from Department of Computer Science

Project supervisor: Dr. H.F. Ting (Department of Computer Science)

Project information

Project descriptions

Through the BazaAR iOS application, we propose a hybrid shopping experience enabled by Augmented Reality technology and Photogrammetry. A retailer enters the application and adds items for sale with various details including product description and cost. He/she uploads images of this product which are then converted into 3D models(using Photogrammetry) by the application. Once the customer starts the application, he browses through the list of products for sale and selects a product from the list after which the respective 3D models is pulled out from the database for interactive viewing in Augmented Reality.

Team information

Project leader: Anchit Som, BEng(CompSc)

Team member(s): Rachaika Verma, BEng(CompSc)

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