Smart pet keeping system

Course project, ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World

Project supervisor: Dr. Ray Y. Zhong (Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

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This smart pet keeping system includes multiple modules such as neck device, cameras, motion trackers and pet toilets. The system has three main features, an entertainment system (Remote control toy), a monitoring system (Danger Alert) and a health care system (Health Tracking). It aims to help saving time on pet keeping, keep pets healthy, keep a close relationship between pets and pet owners and put an end to abandon pets.

Team information

Project leader: Chan Wing Hang, BEng

Team member(s): Hung Wai Yeung, BEng; Cheung Chun Fai, BEng(ElecE); Yip Tsz King, BEng; Chan Chin Wai, BEng; Ma Wai Sze Adora, BEng; Tam Yee Ho BEng(EngSc)

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