Snowman’s adventure

Course project, COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming

Project supervisor: Dr. T.W. Chim (Department of Computer Science)

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Snowman’s adventure is a Third Person Shooting game. It tells a story of a snowman, who is losing his home due to climate change. Encouraged by Santa, snowman starts his journey to face factories that cause pollution. Expect resistance, player. For those who own the factories care not about your home, but money. In this game, player will follow story-driven objectives, which will guide snowman in his adventure. Player can shoot snowballs to defeat the enemies. In the progress, player will level up and gain power-ups. This game is created as an inspiration to reality. The effects of climate change are seen by everyone, and yet some still deny its existence, while many ignored it. Actions weigh more than words. But what much could a student do when even some of the world leaders decline actions? I can only do my part to spread the messages in my game to remind of climate change.

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Project leader: Cheung Man Hin, BEng(CompSc)

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