HKU Robocon 2022 @ 7th Inno Show

Student Interest Groups (SIG) project

Supervisor: Dr. Cheung, H.H. (Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

Project information

Project descriptions

The annual Robocon competition project allows HKU engineering students from different disciplines to design and fabricate innovative robots with an integration of various advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and real-time embedded control. Besides, it provides hands-on experiences on product design, prototyping, CNC machining, design and fabrication of electric circuit and PCB, control program development, etc. Furthermore, senior members mentor junior members in each year and hence valuable experiences, knowledge, and skills for design and fabrication of robots can be sustained for next year’s competition. In addition, it enables the HKU students to exchange their knowledge and skills with students from local and other countries’ universities. Therefore, it motivates the students to engage in experiential learning via exploring and integrating various advanced technologies. As a result, students’ innovation and teamwork abilities would be enhanced.

Team information

Project leader: LAI Chun Yin, Jeff, BEng(CE); TUNG Wang Lik, Henry, BEng(ME)

Team member(s): CHAN Hiu Lam, GEBP(CivE); CHAN Pak Hei, BEng(ME); CHOW Chin Ching, BEng(ME); LAM Hin Chung, BEng(IELM); LAM Pak Hei, BEng(ME); LAO Haoyue, BEng(IELM); LEE Yat Wo, BEng(BME); LIANG Xingyun, BEng(CivE); MAK Ka Tsun, BEng(ME); NG Hon Fai, BEng(ME); SUEN Yik Yu, BEng(ME); WONG Wing Sing, BEng(BME); CHOW Nam Fung, BEng(EE); CHAN Tsam Kit, BEng(EE); LAW Kit Ying, BEng (EE); FOK Kelvin Wai Ting, BEng(EE); NG Nok Ching, BEng(EE); WAN Ming Chit, Esther, BEng(CE); WOO Chun Kit, BEng(CE); CHEN Fernando, BEng(CS); HUNG Wai Shing, BASc(AppliedAI); LAI Pok Hang, BEng(CE); LAW Pui Huen, BEng(CompSC); NG Cheuk Yin, BEng(CompSc); TSEUNG Kai Fai, BEng(CompSc); WONG Chak Man, BEng(CompSc); WONG Chung Wai, BEng(CompSc); WONG Tsz Hin, BEng(CE); YAU Cheuk Nam, Cyrus, BEng(CompSc); YU Ching Lok, BEng(CompSc); Jiang Ying Sum, BSW

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Winner of the Inno Show Award @ The 7th Inno Show

This project team was selected for the Inno Show award at the 7th Inno Show. 

This team has received HK$20,000 sponsorship to participate in international design competition(s) and consumables expenses to support further development of the project.

Winner of the Super "GOOD JOB!" Project Award @ The 7th Inno Show

This project team received the highest number of votes from participants as the Best Project in the 7th Inno Show and was awarded the Super “GOOD JOB!” Project Award.

HKU Robocon 2022 was selected for the Inno Show Award
Photos in the Engineering Inno Show