Scavenger01: Automatic ping pong collector @ 8th Inno Show

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Supervisor: Dr. Lam, K.H. (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and Dr. Lee A.T.L. (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) 

Project information

Project descriptions

SCAVENGER-01 uses AI and computer vision to perform object detection and pick up ping pong balls, without interrupting athletes’ training. It saves time, improves training efficiency, and prevents injuries. It can be deployed in ping pong arenas, ideal for ping pong training centres, schools, colleges, clubs, and home settings. Where the robot will pick up the ping pong balls while athletes can focus on their training. SCAVENGER-01 is a prototype, in the future, we plan to deploy a human avoidance algorithm to avoid colliding into the path of athletes, improve the routing algorithm so it can effectively go through the entire map/arena, and automatic wireless charging so the unmanned robot can head to the wireless charging station for automatic recharging.

Team information

Project leader: Leung Hin Wai, BEng(CE)

Team member(s): Chan Chi Wui, BEng(CE); Yeung Kai Chi, BEng(CE); Man Wai Yin, BEng(EEE)

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Winner of the Inno Show Award @ The 8th Inno Show

This project team was selected for the Inno Show Award at the 8th Inno Show. 

This team has received HK$20,000 sponsorship to participate in international design competition(s) and consumables expenses to support further development of the project.

Scaevenger01: Automatic ping pong collector was selected for the Inno Show Award