Smart home system

Course project, ELEC3442 Embedded Systems​

Project supervisor: Dr. W.L. Tam (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Project information

Project descriptions

Smart Home System is an intelligent home system implemented by different sensors and components with Raspberry Pi. It can be divided into monitoring, smart control and security modules. Monitoring module allows users to read the data from the environment, like temperature, humidity, lightness and image from camera. Smart control module allows users remotely control appliances at home automatically or manually. Security module allows users to know the current status of the home, by receiving notification if any unexpected condition is detected. By Apple HomeKit, users could integrate the system and use the above functions with their Apple devices.

Team information

Project leader: Lam Wun Yin, BEng (CE)

Team member(s): Ho Kin Tung, BEng (EE)

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