Smart life vest

Course project, ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World

Project supervisor: Dr. K.L. Or (Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

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The Smart Life Vest which aims at increasing the efficiency of rescue operations in water. The primary features of the Smart Life Vest include sending automatic SOS signals containing the wearer’s GPS location to the nearest rescue station using radio or microwave signal, which will immediately alert the rescue party of an emergency. The Smart Life Vest will also produce its own power using a built-in wave generator and make use of chemicals that react with water to facilitate its auto-inflation mechanism. Both of these will increase the shelf-life of the Smart Life Vest and reduce the maintenance cost.

Team information

Project leader: Najia Sharmin, BEng

Team member(s): He Qiande, BEng; Li Rouxian, BEng(BME); Najia Sharmin, BEng; Lee Chun Him Emmanuel, BEng; Chow Chun Ho, BEng; Cheung Man Chung, BEng; Wong Matthew Sing Ho, BEng

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The best project award - ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World @ The 1st Engineering InnoShow

This project team was selected for the best project award – ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World at the 1st Engineering InnoShow.