Smart PV Panel Cleaning Robot @ 8th Inno Show

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Supervisor: Dr. Cheung, H.H. (Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

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Solar farms require flat and open spaces, however, Hong Kong is a relatively mountainous region. With Hong Kong’s geographical structure, it is not feasible for Hong Kong to develop hugely in solar farms. Nevertheless, we can expect a rise in the use of solar PV panels on village house rooftops and building rooftops by individuals for having partially self -sufficient energy systems to reduce electricity charges. Therefore, we have a great business opportunity here. Supporting the maintenance of solar PV panels with a cleaning robot is a meaningful idea at the right time. Moreover, doing manual cleaning for solar PV panels on rooftops is a slow and risky process. People’s safety is a major concern as working from heights and in different weather conditions can hinder people’s safety when cleaning the solar panels. Moreover, cleaning done by people is hard and slow process. With a cleaning robot, the cleaning work becomes simple and a fast process.
With a great number of policies and measures being implemented to encourage the use of renewable energy, it is a time where we could expect more installations of solar PV systems. This would be a fantastic opportunity for our team to make a solar PV panel cleaner to enhance the maintenance of the solar PV panels. With our product, it brings convenience to 6 people having solar PV systems on their home’s rooftops or buildings. This could further encourage people to opt for renewable energy from solar PV panels.

Team information

Project leader: Rithicka Balaji, BEng(IELM)

Team member(s): Chavez Maryam Melissa Camille, BEng(IELM); Hui Ka Yeung, BEng(IELM); Yeung Suet Yi, BEng(IELM); Zhao Junjie, BEng(IELM)

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