StoryGPT @ 8th Inno Show

Funding Scheme

Supervisor: Dr. Cheung, J.C.S. (Faculty of Social Science)

Project information

Project descriptions

StoryGPT is a therapeutic storytelling tool with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Bias Modification – Interpretation (CBM-I) to help the users to improve their mental illness. In the beginning, users are required to input their concerns into the tool. StoryGPT will provide relevant information for the users to understand his/her current mental health status. For example, if an undergraduate commits suicide due to a relationship, StoryGPT will assess whether the users will have a high probability to diagnose with depression or bipolar.

We anticipate that StoryGPT could provide a confidential and safe platform for users to analyse several sufferings. Simultaneously, we would like to provide positive life directions to users with AI and CBM-I therapy.

Team information

Project leader: Ky Nam Nguyen, BSocSc

Team member(s): Lo Wai Yee, BSocSc; Mak Chit Yuk, BSW; Mok Kwan Shuen, BSocSc; Ng Yui Hin, BPsych; Wong Sin Tung, BSocSc

Project poster
Project video