Animal shield

Course project, COMP3330 Interactive Mobile Application Design and Programming

Project supervisor: Dr. T.W. Chim (Department of Computer Science)

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Nowadays we often see posts of finding lost animals on social media. Also, there are posts discussing discovering stray animals on streets. However, these social media are not effective enough, since the news feed of users will change from time to time. Seen in this light, our team hopes to develop an application which solely focus on spreading information on finding lost pets and rescuing stray animals. Users can make use of our platform to seek help. Our application will also connect to the vet clinics to make finding vet more convenient. Our application will also update users with news focusing on pet-caring and pet issues, these news and useful pet-caring tips will give positive influence on users to increase their attention on animal rights.

Team information

Project leader: Cheng Ho Wai Gavin, BBA(IS)

Team member(s): Ho Shing Him, BBA(IS); Ngan Mei Ki, BBA(IS); So Chit Lam, BBA(IS); Yu Ching Yan, BBA(IS)

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