April 26, 2019

Surgical robotics

The topic of the project is “Surgical robotic system development for dental applications”. A group of four students were dedicated to making a compact and dexterous dental robot specially designed for private dental clinics at densely populated cities like Hong Kong. Tendon-driven mechanism is adopted to minimize its size while a six Degree-of-Freedom mechanism in its joints helps boosting its dexterity. A haptic device was utilized to translate the hand motions of the dentist for teleoperation.

A robotic catheter system for MRI-guided cardiac electrophysiological intervention

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques allow intra-operative monitoring of the ablation procedure during cardiovascular electrophysiology (EP). However, currently it is still challenging to carry out effective catheterization under MRI environment. We present an MR-safe robot for intra-cardiac EP intervention. The robot actuation features small hysteresis, effective force transmission and quick response. Experimental evaluation has verified its capability to precisely tele-manipulate a standard clinically used EP catheter. The slave part of the robot is made of non-metallic MR-safe materials, therefore can operate close to or inside the MRI scanner without adversely affecting the MR image quality.

Open ocean robot platform

It is estimated that 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean each year from rivers. More than half of this plastic is less dense than the water, meaning that it will not sink once it encounters the sea. The stronger, more buoyant plastics show resiliency in the marine environment, allowing them to be transported over extended distances.

However, we believe that we can help reduce the amount of plastic that reaches the open ocean.

We started Clearbots to make it affordable and viable for local communities to clear their water of dumped plastic waste.

Dumb ways to fail

Dumb ways to fail is a game which simulates a typical student experience, which one’s lack of attention to different aspects of a course (attendance, coursework, exam etc) could lead to failing a course. Within the game, players will go through a series of mini games, in which they will be given short instruction and react quickly to complete that game successfully. After players have played the game for several times, they will become better at the game and could achieve higher grade at the end of the game. Random bonus will be given to players to create extra excitement.


In the app market, most money-saving apps have complicated UI and only target adults. KidFinance is a money-saving app targeting kids and teenagers. It allows user to develop a personalized financial record portfolio, with one of the simplest but attractive income/expense management and review functions. Moreover, to attract teens establishing money saving habit, they can set a money saving target and get award. Furthermore, surprise achievements also pop up according to their money saving/expense behavior (E.g. If they rely too much on parents to get money).

Animal shield

Nowadays we often see posts of finding lost animals on social media. Also, there are posts discussing discovering stray animals on streets. However, these social media are not effective enough, since the news feed of users will change from time to time.

Seen in this light, our team hopes to develop an application which solely focus on spreading information on finding lost pets and rescuing stray animals. Users can make use of our platform to seek help. Our application will also connect to the vet clinics to make finding vet more convenient. Our application will also update users with news focusing on pet-caring and pet issues, these news and useful pet-caring tips will give positive influence on users to increase their attention on animal rights.

Lost slime: a new home

Lost Slime is a Multiplayer-Educational-Rhythm game that runs on your web browser, written in javascript with Node.js, Express.js and Socket.IO. It is designed to be lightweight and responsive to run on any PC.

Find Slimies new houses! Players compete to stack the tallest pillar to gain a high ground — which helps Slimies in spotting new locations for housing. To stack a pillar block, players time their space-bars along with the music beats. There are also phrases or sentences intertwined, that players have to input correctly before pressing space-bar. With these two objectives carried out, Slimies can then jump on the newly stacked pillar block!

What’s more, there are two additional single-player modes, where players strive for stacking the tallest pillar in High-score Mode, as well as surviving as long as possible, in Survival Mode, before the camera catches up!

We set out in making the game casually improve players’ typing proficiency. It could be cheerful-lighthearted, or mechanically intensive. We have designed an additional beat-mapper program to translate music pieces into custom track information used by the game, in json format. Which means players can create authentic mappings with their favorite music!

Planto – Digital data driven financial advisor

Planto is a data driven digital finance advisor that helps millennials achieve financial greatness allowing users to plan, track and stay on top
of their progress. By automatically aggregating user’s
savings, credit cards, investments, loans, mortgages and retirement
accounts – Planto can leverage AI and big data to proactively give
predictive financial advice that is always in users’ interest.


eCup promotes coffee culture and grows whole supply chain market via digital. Our service is unique in HK and ASEANs among any other F&B solutions as we cover vertically entire user journey on coffee from knowledge, searching, ordering, e-payment, e-stamps, rewards and after purchase engagement, which gives a pioneer digital & fully automated UX. We have UI tailor made based on user’s coffee habit, innovative friends treat feature via WhatsApp (i.e. Treat friends coffee remotely), big data campaign analysis, and user behavior driven CRM. Our mission is, when you need coffee, use eCup.

Development of universal testing machine with digital image correlation system for soft and biomaterials

Research on the development of new types of biomaterials has become one of the major focus in the engineering field in recent years. The biomaterial is integrated with medical engineering so it can be engineered to interact with the biological system in the human body for the different medical purpose. In order to opt for the optimal biomaterial for a certain medical purpose, several testing related to the measurement of displacement and strain should be performed on the biomaterial. This project aim to develop an Universal Testing Machine (UTM) with Digital Image Correlation method (DIC) to provide a field true strain measurement and reduces the disturbance on the local mechanical response of the local mechanical response of the testing material, providing a better, more precise and immediate strain/displacement analysis of the experiment than using the extensometer.