Course project, COMP3330 Interactive Mobile Application Design and Programming

Project supervisor: Dr. T.W. Chim (Department of Computer Science)

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People often relate eating alone with loneliness. A research found that eating alone may result in various health problems including depression, obesity and having metabolic syndrome. There are different constrains, like time limit and geological separation, in finding friends to gather for lunch, yet, having lunch is a good social activity to meet people. LunchToGether is a match app for lunch dates, linking people in nearby region wishing to have lunch in the same period of time together to form lunch date groups. The app features instant multiple matching. Whenever you would have lunch, launch the app, then we will make all the arrangements for you.

Team information

Project leader: Chan Ka Lok, BEng(CompSc)

Team member(s): Chan Lap Kiu, BEng(CompSc); Woo Chong Yiu, BEng(CompSc); Chau Chun Wing, BEng(CompSc)

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