BREED HKU: Robotic Fish@4th Inno Show

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Project supervisor: Dr. Zhang Fu (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

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The robotic fish project provides aspiring engineers with a platform to gain hands-on experience in applied engineering. With design innovation, we enhance the functionality of the fish to further improve manoeuvrability and control. Our initial goal to make the robot faster and break the world record again has been achieved. Now, the second goal is to solve real-world problems. From discussions with stakeholders, we have identified an opportunity to apply our robot in data collection for marine exploration and pollution monitoring. It can be used to collect water data such as temperature, pH, etc. and also for real-time mapping and monitoring of specimens in the environment such as coral reefs, microplastics, etc. We envision a series of such projects under the BREED umbrella to promote bio-robotics with a purpose. Ultimately, we hope to create an organisation that drives social impact through innovative robotics solutions.

Team information

Executive Committee Team Members(s): Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel, BEng(CE); Taha Abid, BEng(CE); Lim Le Chi, BEng(Elec); Pawan Raskoti, BEng(ME); Simran Avinash Somalinga, BEng(BME); Madina Jamolova, BEng(IELM)

Electronics Tech: (Lead) Drishika Gupta, BBA; (Associate) Olatunji Honour, BEng(EE)

Finance Manager: Drishika Gupta, BBA

Team member(s): Madina Jamolova, BEng(EE); Erica Widjaja, BEng(BME); Ho Wai Yin, BEng(BME); Cham Chin Shing, BEng(ME); Yeasar Habib, BEng(ME); Michael Obeng, BEng(ME); Rahman Marzan Bin, BEng(EE); Kwok Pui Si, MSc(CompSci); Rupak Koirala; Abdulwadood Ashraf Faazli, BEng(BME); Park Hye Min, BEng; Tasnia Ishrar Rahman, BEng(CompSc); Kuan Jia Hong, BBA(IS); Heidi Chui Cheuk Yu, BEng; Chow Jo Yi, BEng(EngSc); Masood Ahmed, BEng; Hung Man Kay, BASc(Applied AI); Wong Ming Yui Lucas, BEcon; Wu Zijing, BSc(Decision Anlytics); Peter Arnodage Jayasekera Anuttara, BEcon&Fin; Gracia Trinita, BEng(BME); Brianna Gautama, BEng(BME); You Eun Se, BSc; Naman Gulati, BEng(EE); Sun Hongshuai, MSc(CompSc); Moses Yueqiang Liew, BEng(EngSc)

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The InnoShow award @ The 3rd Engineering InnoShow

This project team was selected as the InnoShow award winner at the 3rd Engineering InnoShow.

Guniess World record holder: Fastest 50 m swim by a robotic fish

The fastest 50 m swim by a robotic fish is 26.79 sec and was achieved by The Vayu Project in Shenzhen, China, on 23 January 2020.

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