Project WHALE is aiming at unleashing the potential of technology to bridge the communication gap between caregiver and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Target audiences include individuals with ASD experiencing sensory abnormalities and their caregivers. These children may not be able to express their feelings and needs while caregivers also find it difficult to correctly identify the needs of them. To ease this problem, we propose developing the sensory wristband and the caring mobile application. The key features of the sensory wristband include recording environmental data and monitoring the internal physiological and emotional states of the children with ASD. We plan to incorporate multiple sensors including Photoplethysmogram and Galvanic Skin Response Sensor to measure internal states and external environment. For the caring mobile application designed for caregiver, the app will alert caregiver when the children with ASD feel highly aroused. The highlight feature is providing personalised report specifying possible triggers arousing children with ASD through adopting algorithms to cross-reference the anomaly with environmental stimuli to locate probable causes and provide preclinical advice. Major impact is to allow caregiver to understand more about the challenges going through by the children with ASD and provide more suitable help in correct timing.