First Year Engineering

Dance with idols

Dance with idols is a music game. With only one smart phone or PC with one webcam, you can follow the tutorial and dance with virtual idols. The camera captures your gesture and the computer calculates the similarity between you and the model precisely. At the end of each song, you will see your final total score and grade. It lowers the requirement of devices but improves the dancing experience along with virtual idols.

Smart Soccer Robot (ii) @ 4th Inno Show

This is a remote-controlled robot designed to play soccer matches against other robots. It is a product aimed at teenagers learning STEM education. Our design is inspired by the shape of a charging bull, which makes it more attractive to our target audience. The robot is made from mBot parts, laser-cut wooden panels, and 3D printed wheels. It is assembled using only a few screws due to our use of interlocking mechanisms integrated into the panels. The robot includes an optical sensor, and displays the number of times it crosses a black line on the seven segment display on the back.

Smart Soccer Robot (i) @ 4th Inno Show

Our product is a smart soccer robot that is primarily used to revolutionise the technical education industry. We designed it on SOLIDWORKS, being very careful regarding technicalities like the position of the centre of gravity and weight distribution. The materials are all environmentally friendly so that we fulfil our ethical responsibility of keeping the environment clean. The robot’s design allows it to “engulf” the ball, keeping it secure for as long as necessary. The precise mBlock programming allows it to be manoeuvred professionally. Both of these features, when coupled together, make it quite a useful product in terms of efficiency. In addition to dominating on the field, it can also serve purposes like spreading the influence of STEM education by making it more fun and stimulate students to work in teams and think critically.

Mobile App Game

Play2study is an interactive and fun educational game app. Currently, it is targeted to HKDSE candidates who study Chemistry (we plan to expand into other subjects in the future), with each chapter of the game corresponding to relevant topics of the syllabus. This game is a vivid example of ‘saying no to just reading long boring texts and books’. Upon playing this game, users can find their strengths and weaknesses in each topic and various skills, which will be provided by the game through detailed analysis from the users’ gameplay.