UG Pitching 2021

Using drones to deliver medical products

It is a project application proposal that aims to alleviate some of the health threats in Southeast Asia due to low road access and sparse amount of healthcare facilities. It suggests the use of drone networks for medical supply delivery. The design of our drone service differs from existing companies in operation because it proposes new service areas of greater geographical scale (Cambodia, Myanmar, and Indonesia), it incorporates the idea of a telemedicine service to reduce the need to travel for medical consultation, it focuses on a supplier-to-patient network structure rather than a supplier-to-hospital network structure, and it proposes using public health centers and small clinics as delivery centers in the event that patients do not have access to phone or internet. All of these ideas help innovate medical drone services that are already in existence, and would help to increase medical access even more acutely.

The Solaris Hybrida

The Solar H stands for Solaris Hybrida, which is the latin of Solar Hybrid. It is a revolutionary lighting experience that combines conventional solar tube that diverts light into buildings, solar powered led, solar-tracking panels and the unique modular add-ons.

Social Networking Mobile App – Reciprocating and healing yourself

We want to build a platform where people can share their trauma, loneliness, distress, thought, and experience to others without fear to be criticised and can easily get support from people instead. Through or writing journals sharing stories with others can not only have a better understanding to oneself or other people, but it also helps building a high quality relationship and improve the sense of connectedness, which is beneficial for mental health and well-being for an individual and the society.

SNAPP the SAR Fish

“SNAPP”, The Search and Rescue (SAR) Robotic fish is a fast-swimming robotic fish that strengthens the capacity of search and rescue operations, with unparalleled underwater mobility through its unique fish-like design. It provides floating support and towing capability in the absence of lifeguards. SNAPP currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest robotic fish at 2.3 m/s.

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of injury and death. SNAPP’s potential as the fastest swimming robot in alleviating this issue is centralised on the golden rule of rescue: “In a drowning situation, timing is essential.”

Our team is currently working on enhancements to its design, taking into account SNAPP’s performance in turbulent waters, integration of communication devices, and improved buoyancy.

InnoTrial – VR Mock Trial

InnoTrial: a LegalTech initiative to enhance access to justice by providing self-represented litigants with Virtual Reality (VR) mock trial sessions. We will customise a simulated court environment using VR, enabling litigants to familiarise themselves with courtroom procedures. The aim is to help litigants perform their best in their actual trial through VR practice.


InnoChat is an AI-powered application that makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and Big Data to provide accurate and immediate diagnosis and fun treatment for children suffering from speech sound disorders wherein patients have difficulties in articulation and phonology.

In the first phase, our app will do a diagnosis test with the child with the help of AI and a pronunciation database, which is the phase that we would like to focus on right now. The next step is to provide personalised and interactive speech therapy through gamification.

We hope children with speech sound disorders, especially underprivileged ones, can benefit from the easy, accessible and affordable speech diagnosis and therapy services provided by InnoChat. We believe InnoChat is the solution to assist speech therapists in delivering more efficient services, and to ensure that every child who struggles with pronunciation can get the timely diagnosis and effective therapy that they need.

Health-monitoring Integrated Patch

Vital signs monitoring like heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is important for athletes such as marathon runners. Sudden changes or any abnormal values may be warnings of deteriorating body condition caused by fatigue, heat exhaustion and hidden heart diseases which can be fatal.

Thus, we propose a smart, lightweight and waterproof integrated health monitoring patch using optical characteristics (measuring heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) level, body temperature and blood glucose level) that sticks onto the skin. Together with GPS tracking and bluetooth function, data can be transmitted to computers and mobile phones wirelessly along aid stations for continuous monitoring. Powered by human body motion, it is safer than using cell batteries and also more portable. When abnormalities are spotted, emergent medical help can be offered before the condition becomes irreversible.

Analysis and Visualization of MTR Passenger Behavior During COVID-19

With the help of Professor Reynold Cheng we have acquired daily MTR transactions for the months January to August for 2019 and 2020. This data contains 6 columns including Passenger ID, Card type, Entry Station, Exit station, Entry Time and exit time.
We aim to explore and analyse this data to find relation between COVID19 spread and public transport.

We also aim to build a platform that would provide easy access to this data to the authorised users. Also provide a high level overview by using Visualisations. Finally, also conduct analysis like Someone like you.