SIG Projects

Student Interest Group Promotion Weeks 2023

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) affiliated to Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing are now recruiting new members. Please come over to visit their promotion booths to have better understanding about the SIGs. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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Designing solutions for construction workers against global warming @ 8th Inno Show

We are a group of passionate undergraduates interested in designing a cooling accessory
that is tailor-made for the construction site. We hope to promote a better working
lifestyle for the 580,000 construction workers in HK under global warming, as well as
address awareness about outdoor labour safety.
This project combats global warming with ergonomics studies, aerodynamics and
electronics engineering. We also plan to integrate the accessory with thermal sensors and
IoT systems.

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BREED HKU Agile Robotic Fish with 3D Manoeuvrability for Open Water Swim @ 8th Inno Show

Our robotic fish swimming across the harbour from Central to TST will prove its applicability in seawater. Along with its prior speed record and additional features, it is beneficial to society because its biomimicry nature doesn’t interfere with marine life like other technology automation such as boats or submarines. Compared to the previous model, it is much more energy efficient, less polluting, constructed with less material, and thus environmentally friendly.

HKU Racing @ 8th Inno Show

HKU Racing Aims to complete the production of HKU01 in the winter of 2022 getting it ready for fine tuning in the spring of 2023 and reaching race ready state before summer 2023 which we are planning to ship it to UK for FSUK 2023 class 1 dynamics event. At the mean time the design work of HKU02 will begins at the first quarter of 2023 simultaneously. Sightseeing and recruitment event will also be hosted throughout this period, for team promotion and learning purposes.

HKU Unmanned Aerial System Team @ 8th Inno Show

HKU Unmanned Aerial System Team (HKU UAS) is dedicated to form a community of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) enthusiasts and its associated systems, consisting of two technical teams: Mechanical Team and Computer Science Team. The team aims to join the Student Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) competition, situated in Maryland, U.S.A. The competition requires the team to design a UAS capable of Autonomous Flight, Obstacle Avoidance, Object Detection, Classification and Localization, and Package Delivery. HKU UAS is also developing FPV (First person view) racing drone and promotes the drone racing activities to the students. For future development, the team aims to develop real-time obstacle avoidance for the UAV and build new types of UAV, such as hybrid VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing) UAV.

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LEAPS(local environment alliance project series)

Our project aims at solving existing local environmental issues from different aspects. Last year, we focused on the local aquatic environment. Dealing with the problem of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) affecting the local fish industry. We designed a transgenic AMP-expressing microalgae fish feed supplement that can deliver passive immunity and nutrition to fish in aqua systems plagued with AMR. This year, we continue our project by focusing on lithium ion waste. We propose bioleaching as an alternative to the current recycling methods, which both enhances the recovery rate and also reduces the leaching of toxic reagents leading to soil and water acidification.

RoboMaster @ 8th Inno Show

RoboMaster is an international robotics competition for university students organized by DJI. It integrates robotics with e-gaming elements to create an exciting and unconventional competition experience. The ground robots mainly use projectiles to shoot at enemy robots, outposts and the base. In addition, there are also drones and darts to carry out air strikes, and radars to assist in battlefield communications. HKU RoboMaster Team (HerKules) has been recruiting enthusiastic students from all faculties since 2017, and aim to provide members with a comprehensive understanding of robotics, including mechanical hardware and software aspects.

Quantum Physics Demonstrations @ 8th Inno Show

The project’s goal is to build a football robot using provided components and parts such as intelligent chips and motors, as well as other available technology such as a 3-D printer and a laser cutter.
Meanwhile, a comprehensive business plan is required. Based on the requirements, our robots develop a variety of capabilities such as song-playing, light control, self-assembly, programming potential, and power control. Furthermore, we apply the most adaptable remote control talent to provide individual wheel control. A complete and well-structured business plan, including all-sided market study, is tied to the robot’s many functions.

Drone Onboard Radio Transceiver for SAR

Project Humpback is a project aimed to develop a drone onboard programmable radio transceiver that is designed to assist SAR personnel in locating the missing person by their smart phone.

The module has three main operation modes, including active scanning, passive scanning, and a spoofing mode. It can send and receive certain type of packets, and pretend to be devices that is owned by the missing person. When using multiple modules together, it can form a mesh-like network within themselves, enabling functions like triangulation of signal and dividing workload.

HKU Astar @ 7th Inno Show

Our project A Grade is a mobile app which can help us students get focus when studying but is more than that. We have 5 function now in total, namely Pomodoro, ToDoList, Study Room Statistics and Ranking. A Pomodoro will help user stay focused on their task; A ToDoList is best for user to clear their tasks; A study room is a wonderful place for students to keep focus together and encourage each other; Concrete statistics graphs will let our users kwon themselves better. Ranking act as a in a perfect incentive for user to keep on study and stay focused. Our app is designed to let user study in a relaxing mode. The user will has cute turtles keep him/her company. Hope that our project can help student get better study experience!