April 2019

Smart parking system

Have you ever felt tired when you need to find a parking space inside a car park? Do you want to save your precious time from queueing at the car park entrance? If so, Smart Parking System is your solution. When you are entering the car park with Smart Parking System, what you need to do will be just driving your car onto our Smart Guided Vehicle. The Smart Guided Vehicle will then drive your car to the assigned parking space. When you want to take your car back, you can assign the time that you prefer. The process will be smart, user-friendly, energy-efficient and effective.

RFID and autonomous vehicle

Have you ever imagined that your vehicle can be self-controlled automatically? Your car will bring you to your designated destination with the fastest route, avoiding collision while your hands are not holding the steering wheel or even following a specific car that has the same destination as you. All of these can be achieved by autonomous vehicle.
In the project, our main objective is to create a simple and reliable autonomous vehicle. With RFID control, your dream may success . This is the future autonomous vehicle.


Guide dogs and white canes are currently the most common forms of navigational aid for the visually impaired. Though common, it is not an effective solution as there is a severe shortage of only 50 guide dogs in Hong Kong. Guide dog training is time-consuming and white canes on the other hand are limited to its length, and the true nature of the detected obstructions are unknown to the user.

Lumino aims to provide a cost-efficient one-stop solution to barrier-free movement for the visually impaired.

It is a innovative device that represents both a guide dog and a white cane by providing smart-object identification, hazard identification, real time GPS navigation with additional markers and haptic feedback.

Luxo – A personal assistant lamp

Inspired by animatronics, we built a personal assistant lamp – Luxo. Luxo is a highly customizable voice based robot who portrays it’s emotions through it’s movements and LED lamp. It was developed using open source technologies and with an emphasis on modularity. Based on Pixar’s character Luxo Jr. and Abhishek Singh’s robot Peeqo, Luxo proves to be not only a productivity companion, but also an entertainer!

Smart home system

Smart Home System is an intelligent home system implemented by different sensors and components with Raspberry Pi. It can be divided into monitoring, smart control and security modules. Monitoring module allows users to read the data from the environment, like temperature, humidity, lightness and image from camera. Smart control module allows users remotely control appliances at home automatically or manually. Security module allows users to know the current status of the home, by receiving notification if any unexpected condition is detected. By Apple HomeKit, users could integrate the system and use the above functions with their Apple devices.

返工・Working after hurricane

返工・Working After Hurricane is a single-player 2D platformer, made using unity. It is about a worker rushing to work after hurricane. The worker has to collect $500 to afford a taxi ride. Player controls the worker using arrow keys and mouse. The worker can jump, walk and run around to collect coins. The worker’s arm rotates freely, following the mouse cursor. By left-clicking, the worker can shoot documents to collect coins. Don’t forget to avoid falling objects as well, they may kill the worker! All graphics used in this game are 100% original.

Augmented reality in retail

Through the BazaAR iOS application, we propose a hybrid shopping experience enabled by Augmented Reality technology and Photogrammetry. A retailer enters the application and adds items for sale with various details including product description and cost. He/she uploads images of this product which are then converted into 3D models(using Photogrammetry) by the application. Once the customer starts the application, he browses through the list of products for sale and selects a product from the list after which the respective 3D models is pulled out from the database for interactive viewing in Augmented Reality.

Surgical robotics

The topic of the project is “Surgical robotic system development for dental applications”. A group of four students were dedicated to making a compact and dexterous dental robot specially designed for private dental clinics at densely populated cities like Hong Kong. Tendon-driven mechanism is adopted to minimize its size while a six Degree-of-Freedom mechanism in its joints helps boosting its dexterity. A haptic device was utilized to translate the hand motions of the dentist for teleoperation.

A robotic catheter system for MRI-guided cardiac electrophysiological intervention

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques allow intra-operative monitoring of the ablation procedure during cardiovascular electrophysiology (EP). However, currently it is still challenging to carry out effective catheterization under MRI environment. We present an MR-safe robot for intra-cardiac EP intervention. The robot actuation features small hysteresis, effective force transmission and quick response. Experimental evaluation has verified its capability to precisely tele-manipulate a standard clinically used EP catheter. The slave part of the robot is made of non-metallic MR-safe materials, therefore can operate close to or inside the MRI scanner without adversely affecting the MR image quality.

Open ocean robot platform

It is estimated that 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean each year from rivers. More than half of this plastic is less dense than the water, meaning that it will not sink once it encounters the sea. The stronger, more buoyant plastics show resiliency in the marine environment, allowing them to be transported over extended distances.

However, we believe that we can help reduce the amount of plastic that reaches the open ocean.

We started Clearbots to make it affordable and viable for local communities to clear their water of dumped plastic waste.