Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Smart PV Panel Cleaning Robot

Solar farms require flat and open spaces, however, Hong Kong is a relatively mountainous region. With Hong Kong’s geographical structure, it is not feasible for Hong Kong to develop hugely in solar farms. Nevertheless, we can expect a rise in the use of solar PV panels on village house rooftops and building rooftops by individuals for having partially self -sufficient energy systems to reduce electricity charges. Therefore, we have a great business opportunity here. Supporting the maintenance of solar PV panels with a cleaning robot is a meaningful idea at the right time. Moreover, doing manual cleaning for solar PV panels on rooftops is a slow and risky process. People’s safety is a major concern as working from heights and in different weather conditions can hinder people’s safety when cleaning the solar panels. Moreover, cleaning done by people is hard and slow process. With a cleaning robot, the cleaning work becomes simple and a fast process.
With a great number of policies and measures being implemented to encourage the use of renewable energy, it is a time where we could expect more installations of solar PV systems. This would be a fantastic opportunity for our team to make a solar PV panel cleaner to enhance the maintenance of the solar PV panels. With our product, it brings convenience to 6 people having solar PV systems on their home’s rooftops or buildings. This could further encourage people to opt for renewable energy from solar PV panels.

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Smart Soccer Robot (i) @ 8th Inno Show

The project’s goal is to build a football robot using provided components and parts such as intelligent chips and motors, as well as other available technology such as a 3-D printer and a laser cutter.
Meanwhile, a comprehensive business plan is required. Based on the requirements, our robots develop a variety of capabilities such as song-playing, light control, self-assembly, programming potential, and power control. Furthermore, we apply the most adaptable remote control talent to provide individual wheel control. A complete and well-structured business plan, including all-sided market study, is tied to the robot’s many functions.

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Developing Educational VR Games For Chinese Second Language Learners

This project looks into VR’s potential as a Chinese language learning tool for students whose first language is other than Chinese. Particularly, the study focuses on the efficiency of VR based educational games to raise Hong Kong’s non-Chinese local secondary school students’ confidence in interacting in Chinese and using it for common daily tasks. The project is done in collaboration with IBEL – a center that provides educational support to underprivileged non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) communities in Hong Kong.

Smart Soccer Robot (ii) @ 8th Inno Show

We Built a Smart Soccer Robot with Arduino Core and added innovative designs to the Robot, including a dinosaur head and self-lock pincers. The Robot has relatively high performance in carrying or intercepting balls and thus could excel in Scoccer Matches. It is a light-weighted educational smart robot, suitable for teenagers to learn hands-on robot building and programming.

3DuPrint – HKU 3D Print Cloud Submission System

The print jobs to 3D printers in HKU are handled manually by making a schedule in the booking system, instead of a cloud 3D print submission system.​

The app aims to make it easier for students and teachers to submit jobs to HKU’s 3D printers by automating the process of submitting new jobs​​. It maximizes the efficiency of printing new jobs​. Features like auto-scheduling of jobs allows to minimize the empty time between jobs​.

And a approval system can reject invalid prints​ and make printing managed by tutors or approved users​, avoiding inexperienced users to use wrong filament or break the printer​.

HKU Robocon 2022 @ 7th Inno Show

The annual Robocon competition project allows HKU engineering students from different disciplines to design and fabricate innovative robots with an integration of various advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and real-time embedded control. Besides, it provides hands-on experiences on product design, prototyping, CNC machining, design and fabrication of electric circuit and PCB, control program development, etc.

Furthermore, senior members mentor junior members in each year and hence valuable experiences, knowledge, and skills for design and fabrication of robots can be sustained for next year’s competition. In addition, it enables the HKU students to exchange their knowledge and skills with students from local and other countries’ universities. Therefore, it motivates the students to engage in experiential learning via exploring and integrating various advanced technologies. As a result, students’ innovation and teamwork abilities would be enhanced.


Innodragon is a high-quality soccer robots for teenagers, and adults who wish to enjoy the fun of robotics with their kids. Our robot utilizes high quality, long-lasting materials, including CNC aluminum, rubber and solid wood to ensure ease of control and robustness. It also unleashes creativity by allowing flexibility in programming and assembly of components.

IMSE 2121 Engineering Training

The main aim of this training course is to equip students with practical experience and
a general exposure to (i) manufacturing processes, (ii) product design, and (iii) system
The training course includes a number of modules, covering areas such as design
practice, manufacturing technology, measurement, quality control, assembly
technology, inspection, troubleshooting, testing, and modification, health and safety,
and environmental issues.
These modules are designed to motivate students to use creative thinking in the
projects, which help them become innovative and open-minded in solving
engineering problems.