Faculty of Education

Technologies for Studying the Human Past

We will undertake two major projects in our SIG. The dual goals are to apply both eXtended Reality (XR) and Machine Learning (ML) to studying the human past with archaeology through an exploration of digital humanities potentialities. We will use XR to collect data and to present these data for education and public engagement to teach everyone about the past through archaeology and archaeological fieldwork. We will use ML to improve our ability to find and study ancient sites of the past.


MotOral is a mobile application that assists speech therapists in providing preventive measures of swallowing disorders for at-risk older adults. Through the app, the users could strengthen their oral motor muscles by doing exercises. Face tracking technologies are incorporated to monitor the degree of movement of muscles and provide visual feedback. Games will also be included to raise the users’ interests in using the application. User’s progress will be monitored and analysed continuously.