Computer Science

Human Activity Detection in VR Scenario

Develop a VR-Based Motion Capture System: Create a robust and accurate motion capture system to track and record users’ movements in real-time within the VR environment. To collect data for the later machine learning model training and testing.
Machine Learning Model and Algorithm design for Behavior Detection: Construct a combined system of suitable computer vision models to detect and analysis human activity in VR Scenario. Multi-models will be involved in this system, and an algorithm will be designed to help the system predict activities based on the predictions from those models, e.g. Voting Classifiers.
Real-Time Feedback and User Interaction: Integrate the behavior detection model with the VR environment to offer real-time feedback to users based on their actions and interactions, enhancing immersion and user engagement.


Epilepsy, affecting over 70 million individuals worldwide, can cause significant physical injuries and psychosocial isolation. Epileptic seizures often incapacitate patients’ movement, making everyday activities potentially perilous, even fatal. The accurate and rapid detection of seizure onsets is vital for improving patients’ quality of life. Furthermore, traditional EEG diagnosis requires patients to remain bedridden, tethered by a wired headset until a seizure occurs. This process is disruptive, calling for a compact, wearable, and clinical-grade EEG headset that empowers mobility and real-time seizure monitoring.
We are poised to deliver this solution with an AI-powered wearable EEG headset. This innovative device, equipped with a proprietary AI model, facilitates real-time computing and rapid seizure detection. It ensures minimal latency, lower power consumption, compact design, and robust privacy, outpacing traditional systems. This technology liberates patients from wired, bed-restricted EEG setups, significantly enhancing their quality of life.

An AI-Powered Virtual Diet Assistant App – FoodPrint

Ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Thinking about fasting but never being able to persist? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you! FoodPrint is here to guide you every step of the way—your virtual diet assistant who keeps track of everything you eat and provides you with the best customized advice before starting a new meal. Powered by the latest research from Prof. Chair and her team at CUHK, FoodPrint adopts the 16/8 intermittent fasting method, which has been examined as one of the most effective approaches in alleviating overweight and reducing cardiometabolic risks. With FoodPrint, you can experience the convenience of a dynamic fasting timer, an image-based calorie calculator, a comprehensive diet and weight tracker, and a personalized LLM-powered chatbot diet instructor. Get ready to transform your eating habits and achieve your wellness goals with FoodPrint!

UNIFIGHT – A University Mobile Game

When we were asked to make a game in COMP3329, we wanted to make one that could make university life more engaging, and create motivation for students to go to campus to attend classes. We first design a U-life-related story plot, with a dozen of unique and special playable characters that have beautiful graphics. Then we create a simple battle mechanism and different skill set for every character to make the game. Moreover, we take inspiration from Pokemon GO, where players can travel around to receive rewards only in University Areas. We also plan to make PVP functions, including letting different universities compete together.

Talk Your Way Out: A Puzzle Game Demo with LLM NPC

Talk Your Way Out, a game demo demonstrating the capabilities of AI in gameplay and storytelling. Talk with non-player characters (NPCs) to solve puzzles and find a way to escape. The game uses large language models, speech recognition and text-to-speech to provide dynamic, natural, and quick conversations with the NPCs, demonstrating capabilities of AI in simulated environments.

You are an alien named Blorb Gorb, you woke up finding yourself captured by scientists of the Earth in a laboratory somewhere in Hong Kong. You have to escape, not just using brute forces, but also your disguise ability…


We implemented a 2D platformer game with creative character controls, high quality sets of enemies and maps design, and a complete game play process that can give players satisfaction and sense of achievement when they defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and clear the game. Our main character is a druid-like knight that can transform into 3 other different animals, each with unique skillsets and playing style. Across 5 different levels, players are going to encounter varied types of enemies, defeating them and unlocking new power. After defeating the final boss and clearing all the levels, you will become the savior of the land and the true hero for the people.

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Machine Learning in Archaeology

Digitization of archaeology is in great demand. Since 2009, an HKU archaeological team of researchers and students led by Dr. Cobb has been investigating the area around Vedi, Armenia, aiming at understanding human life and mobility in the ancient landscapes of the Near East. A large volume of sherds was excavated and documented with photography. Inspired by the recent advancement in computer vision and machine learning, this project attempts to explore various deep learning models to classify and compare those sherds unearthed. It is hoped that insights gained from the project can help archaeologists of manage the massive quantity of ancient artifacts in the future.

Deadline Fighter

Deadline Fighter, a Unity 3D Game designed for COMP3329, is a First-person Shooter game that puts you in the shoes of a lone survivor in post-apocalyptic Hong Kong. You must use your wits and skills to fend off the relentless zombie attacks and expand your safe zone by clearing out the infected areas. Purchase powerful weapons that will help you boost your firepower and survive longer. Deadline Fighter features immersive gun play mechanics as well as advanced zombie AI movement that makes the enemies unpredictable and challenging. Deadline Fighter offers a thrilling and exhilarating gaming experience through the immersive gun play mechanics and advanced zombie AI movement.

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Game: Ocean Trader

Ever dream of being a sailor on the sea; travelling all around; trading everywhere? You are about to experience that! Upon entering the game, what you only got is some money to buy a boat and there are only few ports to travel to. Explore the “Exchange” in different cities where you can buy/sell goods to make some fortune! Go to bar, update the boat…there are functionalities to find out! It all starts with a trade. Try to make as much as possible, also, build Chinatowns for future generations to come. Go and “sail it out”!