Inno Wing Student Research Assistant Projects

Project Innobot: Multi-terrain Hexapod

Traditional wheeled robots often encounter challenges when navigating level or complex terrains. To address this real-world issue, our team presents the Multi-terrain Hexapod as a solution. Inspired by the spider’s structure, our Hexapod’s multi-legged design has demonstrated the ability to climb stairs and tackle more intricate terrains. Through this project, we aim to build a comprehensive understanding of legged robots and share our experience in developing the hexapod with the wider robotics community.

Project Innobot: Autonomous Rover

Auto-piloting is an evolving technology that significantly contributes to enhancing production efficiency across industries. The development of navigation rovers enables automated, high-loading point-to-point delivery tasks, reducing the reliance on traditional manpower and decreasing the risk of physical injuries among workers. Our team is committed to cultivating expertise in the field of navigation and sharing our experiences in creating navigation robots with the broader robotics community.

Real-time object detection with Grounding Dino

Grounding Dino is an innovative computer vision library designed to enhance object detection and scene understanding through advanced grounding techniques. It combines computer vision and natural language processing techniques to integrate contextual understanding in machine learning models, improving their accuracy and efficiency in real-world applications. We will showcase some of the strengths and weaknesses of this very powerful tool during this incoming Inno Show!

Armstrong: Robotic Arm Digital Twin

Robotic arms have been widely used in various real-world scenarios, such as automobile manufacturing and housekeeping. However, there is a significant gap at the Innovation Wing, as existing robotics-focused projects mainly focus on mobile robots or quadrupeds. To address this gap, our project aims to develop an intelligent manipulator capable of performing precise tasks like maintenance and part sorting in industrial settings.


CLIC-Chat is an innovative AI chat tool designed to provide reliable and up-to-date legal assistance with a focus on Hong Kong law. Unlike other chat tools, CLIC-Chat boasts a comprehensive HK knowledge database, ensuring accurate responses tailored to the local context. By leveraging the RAG technique, it guarantees trustworthy information while staying current with the latest legal developments. One of its standout features is the ability to ask valuable questions, akin to a skilled lawyer, to gather essential details from users’ stories. This enables CLIC-Chat to provide personalized legal guidance and suggestions, knowing precisely when to stop questioning and offer relevant insights. With CLIC-Chat, users can confidently navigate legal matters, receive accurate information, and make informed decisions.

AI Agent: Moot Court Project

Our AI Agent Moot Court Project is an innovative exploration into the application of artificial intelligence within the legal realm. We use AI agents to assume the roles of Plaintiff, Defendant, and Judge, engaging in the intricacies of legal reasoning and debate. This project endeavors to construct a sophisticated conversational system with multi-agent capabilities, paving the way for a comprehensive analysis of the agents’ performance within a moot court environment. By addressing challenges such as contextual limitations and exploring topics like multi-step prompting, the project aims to assess the feasibility of integrating AI in the field of law.