May 2022

PERfECT Wearables: for Minimally-Invasive and Continuous Blood-Glucose Monitoring @ 6th Inno Show

Diabetes is one the most pressing chronic diseases in Hong Kong. There are about 0.7 million people in Hong Kong are suffering from diabetes. Realizing efficient blood glucose management is highly demanded to improve the patients’ healthcare. Currently, the blood glucose is mostly measured with the finger-stick method. However, the finger-stick method is painful and cannot continuously monitor the glucose level. This project develops a minimally invasive glucose biosensor by using a microneedle as sensor carrier and use HKU-developed “PERfECT wearable” platform for wireless data transmission. We hope this project could improve the health technology in Hong Kong to better serve the patients with diabetes.


FOOD City PANDA Run! is a 3D Runner Game developed during the course of COMP3329 Computer Game Design and Programming. We aim to apply gamification to food delivery apps such as foodpanda, so that the game can be embedded in those apps to meet business objectives such as retaining current customers and attracting new ones. With some food on the tray on top of the player’s car, the player needs to avoid obstacles and collect coins on the delivery road, to make sure the food doesn’t drop and the delivery is successful.

REVIVER – a puzzle platforming game

A single-player puzzle platforming game made with Unity. Inspired by Portal and Tenet.
In the game, the player needs to go through all the testing chambers to get to the center of a laboratory to save the world. Player needs to move objects or open doors in forwarding or backward time flow. Moving these objects may help the player pave the way to the exit but it may become also an obstacle in the other time flow. Therefore player needs to plan their actions through trials and errors.

Cyber Security Education

HackOS, a sandbox offensive cyber-security simulator game made with Unity, also the course project of COMP3329.

HackOS aims at educating/introducing its players on cyber-security. The goal of the game is not neccessary to have high player retention rate, fancy animations or game mechanics, but rather to resemble the realism of “hacking” as much as possible.

With great freedom, players could perform any actions within the confine of the sandbox. The player could interact with a terminal, launching attacks against emulated servers, services, or any other emulated computer systems exist in the game.


Epoch is a 3D roguelike first-person shooter set in a futuristic, simulated world as you train to become the best AI soldier. As the player fight through every stage, the game becomes harder and more demanding for players’ skill and wit. Every stage has a different objective: you may need to seek and destroy all enemies, or just sneak through them and escape.
The player needs to adapt and fight enemies in different situations. Attributes like HP and the guns are randomized every stage to provide a different feel to the game each run and creative approaches to get the job done in specific setups. But the final objective is always the same: Complete all objectives, be the best, and save the rest.

U Rush

U Rush is a fixed perspective third-person 3D action game. The player will be controlling a character running in the street, representing the university’s life journey. The player will be able to control the character by moving in-between lanes while collecting different props and jumping in order to avoid obstacles.