Day: January 8, 2020


When the internet first came into existence, it came with a mission: to bring people closer together. After more than 20 years of development, we have witnessed the birth of many life-changing innovations like social networks. They can help in connecting us with more and more people, even distant ones, yet only in a virtual form. This is where the problem starts to emerge: virtual content and connections are dominating our lives, disconnecting us from the real world. This is a problem we would like to address with Ping. It is a next-generation social network aiming at reconnecting our users back to reality so that our users will be able to pay more attention to the people and events around them, but not only to the virtual content shown on a 5-inch screen in front of them.

AR application on simulating Lenon Wall

The app developed by our team is called Hearoad. This app is inspired by the Lennon Wall’s idea. We find out that Lennon Wall is popular among teenagers on expressing feelings and emotions, so we decided to develop an app using AR technique to simulate the Lennon Wall.
Our app having the functions to create memos written with your thoughts, opinions or feelings and we can stick these memos in the argument world using the AR technique. By applying the cloud technique, users can also read the memo written by other users and respond to the memo’s writer. The aims of our app are providing an innovative way for people to express their feelings, it has the features of location based and without filter bubble or echo chamber.