December 2021

mBot/Arduino @ 5th Inno Show

The smart soccer robot will be the key to your victory in the soccer matches. The product is aimed at teenagers learning STEM education while winning everyone’s favor in its looking. Our no-symmetric design is inspired by Dynastes Hercules, a beetle that can grab the target and secure it. We have made efforts to let everyone can quickly get started with our product. These parts are designed for assembly as people only need to insert the wooden plate together and use a few screws to make the car firmer. At the same time, we have optimized the control of the car so that both novices and professionals can drive them by the style they like.

ENGG1320-IMSE-Modo_Robo @ 5th Inno Show

Ours project is a soccer robot that is designed to look like an actual soccer ball. It has a ball-like shell, thus having an attractive look, while also being sturdy. It also has a pair of arms which is ide and slightly curved. This way the robot can maintain control of the ball effectively, while also allowing shooting (which requires certain control techniques). Its main control mechanism is designed to consist of only 2 joysticks, thus allowing easy control. Its movement speed is also determined by the magnitude of the joysticks. This ensures the robot can be moved flexibly.

PERfECT Wearables: A Coin-sized Platform for Health Innovation @ 5th Inno Show

Tiny, soft, imperceptible wearable biosensors that can continuously monitor our body condition have the potential to revolutionize healthcare technologies. They are in urgent demand to realize the goal of personalized healthcare and digital medicine. In this project, we developed a series of next-generation wearable biosensors for advanced healthcare. These futuristic devices are developed based on the PERfECT chip, which is the world’s smallest wearable biosensing platform developed in Innovation Wing. In the next several years, we expect these wearables biosensors will help PERfECT-enabled spin-off biotech companies to revolutionize our current technologies in managing cardiovascular diseases, mental health, and diabetes.

Scheduling Application

HKU Portal provides a course enrollment system but a lot of sections are provided and each section may contains different time slots. So it is not friendly to plan the schedule and it will be time consuming to test the which section will not causing time clash. Smart Schedule is an app that gives some useful suggestions for scheduling and provides a better user interface to edit timetable planning.

RoboMaster @ 5th Inno Show

Students will design and develop different types of robots that can launch projectiles in a complex battlefield. The robots are required to cooperate with each other and work together to attack the base of the opponent and at the same time protect their own base. Students will form a team to participate in the RoboMaster 2022 Robotics Competition and compete against other teams from all over the world using their self-build robots.

HKU UAS@5th Inno Show

HKU UAS is an Unmanned Aerial Systems team dedicated to forming a community of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) enthusiasts and its associated systems, consisting of two technical teams: Mechanical Team and Computer Science Team. The team aims to join the AUVSI SUAS international competition, situated in Maryland, U.S.A. The competition requires the team to design a UAS capable of Autonomous Flight, Obstacle Avoidance, Object Detection, Classification and Localization, Mapping, Airdrop and Package Delivery via an Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

Design, Build & Fly @ 5th Inno Show

Design, Build & Fly (DBF) is a regular capstone design project under the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. In the past five years, DBF teams from HKU have participated in various competitions around the world. For this academic year, DBF Team will once again participate in the American Institute of Aeronautics (AIAA) Design/Build/Fly Competition and the British Model Flying Association 2022 University and Schools Flight Challenges. Teams are expected to go through the process of designing, manufacturing prototypes, testing, redesigning and competing with other international teams over the globe.