April 2023

Quantum Physics Demonstrations @ 8th Inno Show

The project’s goal is to build a football robot using provided components and parts such as intelligent chips and motors, as well as other available technology such as a 3-D printer and a laser cutter.
Meanwhile, a comprehensive business plan is required. Based on the requirements, our robots develop a variety of capabilities such as song-playing, light control, self-assembly, programming potential, and power control. Furthermore, we apply the most adaptable remote control talent to provide individual wheel control. A complete and well-structured business plan, including all-sided market study, is tied to the robot’s many functions.

inno show

Blood Born – A Platformer RPG SLAM robot with monocular depth estimation

Blood Born is an immersive game that combines elements of action and adventure. Players must use their movement skills to navigate through a variety of obstacles, while battling monsters and bosses using their unique abilities. One of the standout features of the game is the blood point system. Unlike traditional health and mana systems, Blood Born uses a single variable called BP to represent a combination of HP, MP, and currency. Players must collect blood points throughout the game to unlock powerful upgrades and abilities. With its stunning graphics and innovative gameplay, Blood Born can captivate players and inspire future game developers.