The 6th Engineering Inno Show

Smart Water Auditing using IoT and Machine Learning

The Smart Water Auditing using IoT, and Machine Learning project aims to provide insights on how water is being in the households of Hong Kong to reduce the consumption of water and raise the awareness of people’s water consumption habits. To help increase participants’ water consumption awareness, a dashboard was designed to provide a simple yet interactive way for users to review their water usage. To create a dashboard, a graphical user interface and a communications system must be designed. However, the initial design of the dashboard suffered from connection issues and graphical user interface performance issues, both of which are essential functions of the dashboard. Therefore, extensive testing and optimisation was necessary to mitigate these problems. However, the dashboard still suffers from minor stuttering due to the microcontroller’s limited performance. Despite this, the design of the dashboard was a success, and it serves as a crucial medium for participants to review their water statistics.


MotOral is a mobile application that assists speech therapists in providing preventive measures of swallowing disorders for at-risk older adults. Through the app, the users could strengthen their oral motor muscles by doing exercises. Face tracking technologies are incorporated to monitor the degree of movement of muscles and provide visual feedback. Games will also be included to raise the users’ interests in using the application. User’s progress will be monitored and analysed continuously.