The 7th Engineering Inno Show

Foodtech – Granola Machine (Nola)

Nola is here to enable busy, health-conscious people to make fresh and healthy snacks. We have two main parts to our project; The Nola Machine, which turns ingredients into a granola bar, and the food, namely the Nola Mix (A granola mix) and the syrup as a binder that can be put into the Nola Machine to make the granola bars. This way, users don’t have to worry about buying ingredients and just have to buy our ingredient pack and syrup to put into the machine.


A game app deigned to assist in the orientation programme of organisations, where the user must be made familiar with the surroundings. The user is given a prompt image and has to locate where the image has been clicked by scanning a QR code sticker present at that location.


20,000 new games (daily) are getting shared to MIT’s programming platform – Scratch – and yet most of these games cannot be played on mobile devices due to the lack of keyboard inputs! That’s why I created a web app that simulates keyboard inputs on mobile devices – a portal for Scratch games to be played on the go.


Innodragon is a high-quality soccer robots for teenagers, and adults who wish to enjoy the fun of robotics with their kids. Our robot utilizes high quality, long-lasting materials, including CNC aluminum, rubber and solid wood to ensure ease of control and robustness. It also unleashes creativity by allowing flexibility in programming and assembly of components.

Learning technology

As Asian students, we’ve long tolerated the traditional education experience. Rote learning, Disorientation, Societal Pressure, we have been through it all. The long-term consequence is that students become dependent on extrinsic factors (social or parental pressure) and lose sight of what they truly enjoy studying.

LEAN Platform – an online study ecosystem where students can livestream their learning sessions solo or with others and earn tokens for their study time. These tokens can be used to redeem rewards from entertainment brands (fun) or youth education organisations (growth). LEAN incentivizes students’ learning with rewards by brands that can post for free to attract customers. We address the missing link between what students like and the learning journey. Furthermore, we connect with educational institutions to provide growth rewards that foster self-directed learning.

Fully Controllable Underwater Robotic Fish by BREED HKU @ 7th Inno Show

Our robotic fish swimming across the harbour from Central to TST will prove its applicability in seawater.
Along with its prior speed record and additional features, it is beneficial to society because its biomimicry nature doesn’t interfere with marine life like other technology automation such as boats or submarines.
Compared to the previous model, it is much more energy efficient, less polluting, constructed with less material, and thus environmentally friendly.

Innowing Metaverse

Innowing Metaverse aims to provide a platform for students to access the Innovation Wing virtually to work on different innovative projects. With Innowing Metaverse, students will no longer need to come to Innovation Wing for their projects, all they need will be just a VR headset or a web browser.

HKU Unmanned Aerial System Team @ 7th Inno Show

HKU UAS is an Unmanned Aerial Systems team dedicated to forming a community of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) enthusiasts and its associated systems, consisting of two technical teams: Mechanical Team and Computer Science Team. The team aims to join the AUVSI SUAS international competition, situated in Maryland, U.S.A. The competition requires the team to design a UAS capable of Autonomous Flight, Obstacle Avoidance, Object Detection, Classification and Localization, Airdrop and Package Delivery.

PERfECT Viral Sewage Monitoring System @ 7th Inno Show

Sewage monitoring is an effective preventive measure to detect possible outbreaks early due to viral sheds in sewage systems. However, the current sewage monitoring system is labour-intensive, time-consuming, and lacks scalability. Here, we present our PERfECT viral sewage monitoring system, which is scalable, digital, and can detect viral presence in real time.

PERfECT is a personalized electronic reader for electrochemical transistors that detects viruses when a DNA aptamer is attached to its sensor. Once the virus is detected, the data will be uploaded to the cloud and alert authorities. PERfECT viral detection is much faster than PCR and is reusable. With PERfECT being customisable, it can also monitor the disease progression of different viruses.