The 7th Engineering Inno Show

Alertio – danger alert app for the deaf

Alertio is a danger alert app for deaf people. It utilizes the state-of-the-art Machine learning model to detect potential danger sounds. The sounds that we aim to detect include car alarms, bicycle rings, fire alarms, etc. Once the potential danger sound is identified, our app will send an alert to the user through intense vibration of the device as well as turning the app background into eye-catching light red color.

IMSE 2121 Engineering Training

The main aim of this training course is to equip students with practical experience and
a general exposure to (i) manufacturing processes, (ii) product design, and (iii) system
The training course includes a number of modules, covering areas such as design
practice, manufacturing technology, measurement, quality control, assembly
technology, inspection, troubleshooting, testing, and modification, health and safety,
and environmental issues.
These modules are designed to motivate students to use creative thinking in the
projects, which help them become innovative and open-minded in solving
engineering problems.

Kamphor – An Online Review Platform

In the current digital age digital advertising is becoming one the largest industries outside of manufacturing and production. Digital advertisement usually take many forms ranging from social media AD’s to celebrity endorsements. One of the main platform for advertisement, especially for the service industry, is online reviews.

Platforms such as Yelp and Google Reviews are major players in the online review industry, and as with all industries, businesses are willing to pay money for better privileges. Unfortunately, this also translates to situations where online reviews are artificially inflated by the platform or by AstroTurf companies.

The objective of this project is to create a proof of concept project which implements a “web-of-trust” system to allow reviews to be verified for authenticity. The project will also implement a time decay system to ensure reviews are a reflection of the most recent development rather than outdated events.

Technologies for Studying the Human Past

We will undertake two major projects in our SIG. The dual goals are to apply both eXtended Reality (XR) and Machine Learning (ML) to studying the human past with archaeology through an exploration of digital humanities potentialities. We will use XR to collect data and to present these data for education and public engagement to teach everyone about the past through archaeology and archaeological fieldwork. We will use ML to improve our ability to find and study ancient sites of the past.

Design, Build & Fly Team @ 7th Inno Show

Design, Build & Fly (DBF) is a regular capstone design project under the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. In the past six years, DBF teams from HKU have participated in various competitions around the world.

For this academic year, DBF Team will once again participate in the American Institute of Aeronautics (AIAA) Design/Build/Fly Competition and the British Model Flying Association 2022 University and Schools Flight Challenges. Teams are expected to go through the process of designing, manufacturing prototypes, testing, redesigning and competing with other international teams over the globe.

HKU DBF team has shown passion and capabilities in each of the competitions. Coming to 2023, the team is eager in maintaining high ranking by adopting revolutionary design in our flying mechanism. We get to achieve better results and strive for perfection.


Antimicrobial resistance is a global phenomenon arising from the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. To combat this problem, the Antimicrobial Peptide Cecropin B (CecB), a highly-effective, broad-spectrum antibiotic alternative is expressed in transgenic Chlorella autotrophica, a well-studied and highly-productive protein expressing microalgal chassis. It is expressed with a secretion signal peptide for extraction; and SUMO-tag for in-vitro cleavage using SUMO-protease. To validate efficacy, the isolated CecB is tested against common aquatic pathogens. The in-vitro cleavage system, barring the signal peptide, is also expressed using a bacterial chassis. This is to test the design and quantify the differences between microalgal and bacterial synthetic capabilities. To modify the system for industrial use, the signal peptide is removed and the SUMO-protease is additionally inserted, under a nitrogen-starvation inducible promoter, to cleave SUMO in-vivo and generate active AMPs. The microalgae are then freeze-dried, preserving active AMPs internally, which can then be used as supplemental feed.

HKU Racing @ 7th Inno Show

HKU Racing (HKUR) is an initiative led by dedicated HKU students who intend to compete in the Formula Student UK (FSUK) event in 22/23 and beyond. We design an open cockpit, formula-style race car from the ground up. It is a vehicle that materializes a group of passionate students’ dream of designing their very own race car. Apart from designing the vehicle, we build, fabricate, and drive our design on track to compete with other student teams around the world. With a clear goal of competing in the FSUK event in summer 2023, we have assembled talented students and gained tremendous support from experienced engineers and technical staff within the university and external communities. Three entities at the University of Hong Kong supervise our project, namely the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing under the Faculty of Engineering. Since the faculty’s founding in 1912, it has kept pace with developments in the engineering world and is always at the forefront of engineering research. Aligning with the university’s vision of having more innovative student-led projects, our goal promises excellent potential to nurture a new generation of talented individuals. Our project will provide valuable experience for their future careers.

HINCare: An Intelligent Timebanking System for Elderly Care @ 7th Inno Show

With a rapidly ageing population in Hong Kong, volunteer services handled by NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), which lack systematic management, are urged for improvements. This project, HINCare, proposes a volunteer service platform solution for NGOs to manage their systems better. HINCare integrates user data and provides personalized recommendations using HIN (Heterogeneous Information Network) and KG (Knowledge Graph). In particular, volunteers and the elderly are optimally matched to cater to elders’ needs. This project will contribute to Hong Kong volunteer businesses by promoting public help for the elderly. Besides, the study is a real-life application to analyze the effectiveness of various recommendation models and algorithms. – Trade Blue Chip NFT With $1 Dollar

UniAsset is a Web3 on-chain protocol focused on the NFTFi track. A NFT Fractionalization Trading Solution for Retails.

We believe that strong consensus on Blue Chip NFTs will spawn the next bitcoin-style long-term appreciation. UniAsset’s vision is to enable any retail investor to profit from long-term growth or short-term trading opportunities by being able to track expensive Blue Chip NFT prices with a dollar’s worth of principal.

UniAsset has distinguished itself in many representative Hackathons (e.g. Huobi Incubator Second Prize, Moonshot Factory Top5, $25K Amazon Startup Prize) and gained the attention of more than 40 Venture Capitals globally.

Within five years UniAsset will become the Grayscale of decentralized NFT world, within ten years, hopes to become the leading infrastructure for securitizing NFT assets in the Metaverse.