The 5th Engineering Inno Show

Vera – An AI Speech Therapist

Vera overcomes temporal, spatial, and financial barriers faced by children with speech disorders in Hong Kong, and tackles the problems faced by speech therapists. Vera is an AI-powered mobile application making use of deep learning and big data to provide accurate and immediate diagnosis and personalized treatment of speech sound disorders for children. Vera also provides speech therapists with resources that help children practice pronunciation, and progress reports that allow tracking of patients’ progress. The interactive diagnosis process is facilitated by a conversing chatbot. After diagnosis, Vera provides personalized and gamified pronunciation exercises to encourage children to receive treatment actively.

Depression Testor

Depression is a prevalent disorder that impairs psychosocial functioning and lowers the quality of life. Low mood, loss of energy, sleeplessness, and an inability to enjoy life are depression’s significant symptoms. World Health Organization ranked unipolar depressive disorder as the third cause of disease burden in 2004 and expected it to be the leading cause by 2030. For this disease, a low diagnosis rate is a big problem, partially because of the current technology’s limitations, such as clinical-based, trigger-less, costly. So, our project comes up with a novel idea by using flash stimulus and GSR sensor to test people’s physiological reactions towards different triggers for self-prevention and preliminary diagnosis use.

Quantum Demonstrator Kit @ 5th Inno Show

The Quantum Demonstration Kit (QDK) is a playful interactive and gamified version of a quantum physics experimental setup, designed to demonstrate key concepts of quantum mechanics to young beginner students to enhance their overall understanding of the subject. The key novelty of our product design, is that it is portable, cost-effective, and simple enough to be operated by young undergraduate/school students independently themselves. On the contrary, quantum physics setups routinely used in research labs are bulky, expensive and extremely complicated, making them unsuitable to be used for hands-on laboratory based education for beginners to this field.


Our commercial app aims to provide virtual business card experience. Key functions include card maker and exchanging cards with others, mainly for the business users. Communication are prime concern of the business world, so we also make it possible for the private chats. This is a one-for-all solution of virtual business card and intends to bridge up service provider and their targeted clients. Some future potential features include community forums to linked up people in similar industry and convert the real business card into a virtual one by OCR.


CourseMate is a mobile application that aims at helping HKU students during course planning and arranging group meetings. The course schedule planner allows students to input their planned course for the semester and check if there will be any time clashes, which saves them a lot of time by simply clicking a few buttons. For the group meeting scheduler, the app will generate all the available meeting time slots for a group based on each members’ course schedule and duration of meeting.

HKU Go AR Mobile Application

Our app HKU Go, targets HKU students and visitors. For HKU students, we want to enable them to view the campus incident reports to stay updated on events in different buildings. On the other hand, visitors can play AR games on campus to learn about buildings in HKU. Therefore, our application has three building blocks – the map, AR objects and incident notices. The application relies on the map to provide hints of AR game and incident notice for the buildings. Users can react with AR objects when they reach the prespecified region. And the incident notice is fetched from the campus information system for incidents related to each building, for example, the maintenance work, seminars, etc.