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Design, Build and Fly Team 2023 @ 8th Inno Show

Design, Build & Fly (DBF) is a regular capstone design project under the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. In the past seven years, DBF teams from HKU have participated in various competitions around the world.

In previous years, HKU DBF teams have shown our passion and capabilities in each of the competitions. Coming to 2023, we are eager in maintaining high ranking by adopting revolutionary design in our flying mechanism. We get to achieve better results and strive for perfection.

Under guidance of the supervisor and advisor, Prototypes with a new wing design and use of material has already built and went through flight tests successfully at Hong Kong Model Engineering Club.

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A Low-cost DIY Wind Tunnel

In this wind tunnel project, we attempted to bridge the affordability and availability gap issue of wind tunnels that are catered to undergraduate teaching & learning and research & development purposes. We first adapted and applied a robust methodology which underpinned how we designed, manufactured, and operated our wind tunnel. A series of wind tunnel tests were then conducted to validate the wind tunnel’s performance from three perspective: quantitative, qualitative, and actual real-world references. Our findings showed us that we achieved a satisfactory wind tunnel performance in all three categories of wind tunnel tests. It is firmly believed that this, and hence this type of wind tunnels, albeit being created under a budget constraint, could be utilized to handle aerodynamic and fluid dynamic studies, which ultimately could be further developed to meet the needs of different undergraduate applications (SIGs, URFP, REU, FYPs, Labs, etc.).

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Smart Soccer Robot (i) @ 8th Inno Show

The project’s goal is to build a football robot using provided components and parts such as intelligent chips and motors, as well as other available technology such as a 3-D printer and a laser cutter.
Meanwhile, a comprehensive business plan is required. Based on the requirements, our robots develop a variety of capabilities such as song-playing, light control, self-assembly, programming potential, and power control. Furthermore, we apply the most adaptable remote control talent to provide individual wheel control. A complete and well-structured business plan, including all-sided market study, is tied to the robot’s many functions.

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Design of a solar power system for producing useful fuels and chemical from waste materials

The main objective of this project is to design and construct a solar heating system that can produce useful materials such as charcoal, activated carbon from cellulosic waste. The heating system consists of three main modules which are the solar concentrator, solar tracking system and the frame that holds the two systems. The waste materials turn into charcoal by undergoing pyrolysis which is a thermal decomposition reaction. Our built system operates fully on solar power without any external source of electricity.

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Developing Educational VR Games For Chinese Second Language Learners

This project looks into VR’s potential as a Chinese language learning tool for students whose first language is other than Chinese. Particularly, the study focuses on the efficiency of VR based educational games to raise Hong Kong’s non-Chinese local secondary school students’ confidence in interacting in Chinese and using it for common daily tasks. The project is done in collaboration with IBEL – a center that provides educational support to underprivileged non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) communities in Hong Kong.

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Game: Ocean Trader

Ever dream of being a sailor on the sea; travelling all around; trading everywhere? You are about to experience that! Upon entering the game, what you only got is some money to buy a boat and there are only few ports to travel to. Explore the “Exchange” in different cities where you can buy/sell goods to make some fortune! Go to bar, update the boat…there are functionalities to find out! It all starts with a trade. Try to make as much as possible, also, build Chinatowns for future generations to come. Go and “sail it out”!

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LEAPS(local environment alliance project series)

Our project aims at solving existing local environmental issues from different aspects. Last year, we focused on the local aquatic environment. Dealing with the problem of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) affecting the local fish industry. We designed a transgenic AMP-expressing microalgae fish feed supplement that can deliver passive immunity and nutrition to fish in aqua systems plagued with AMR. This year, we continue our project by focusing on lithium ion waste. We propose bioleaching as an alternative to the current recycling methods, which both enhances the recovery rate and also reduces the leaching of toxic reagents leading to soil and water acidification.

RoboMaster @ 8th Inno Show

RoboMaster is an international robotics competition for university students organized by DJI. It integrates robotics with e-gaming elements to create an exciting and unconventional competition experience. The ground robots mainly use projectiles to shoot at enemy robots, outposts and the base. In addition, there are also drones and darts to carry out air strikes, and radars to assist in battlefield communications. HKU RoboMaster Team (HerKules) has been recruiting enthusiastic students from all faculties since 2017, and aim to provide members with a comprehensive understanding of robotics, including mechanical hardware and software aspects.

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In this project, the viability and feasibility of employing robotic bartenders would be examined through a thorough analysis of their practicality and potential impact. The aim of this project is to design and develop a robotic system that can automatically prepare and serve cocktails. Apart from the robotic arm and the automation system, an overall design layout is customized for the arm, including a customized shaker cup, to provide a safety user experience and help facilitate the serving and bartending process. Ultimately, our visions are to alleviate the workload of bartenders and minimize the risk of occupational injuries by introducing robotic bartenders.

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BOMBER is a Strategy base 3D online 1v1 multiplayer Grenade-only FPS game. We aim to let people who are bad at aiming, also able to have fun in FPS games. This game contains 3 types of grenades, they are cracker, remote, and gas grenades; and 2 self-protection mechanisms, which are barrier and dash. The game design encourages players to win the game by hiding their remote grenades, then using cracker and gas grenades to force their enemy, to walk into the remote grenades’ explosion radius. The way to win is how well you can lead and predict where your enemy goes.