Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Smart Sterilizing and Cleaning Robot

Targeting on the elderly home, SORbot is customized for providing the sterilisation with ozone. With the existing products in the market, most of them were created to be used in a large public area, including shopping mall, airport, lobby of a building, etc. SORbot is a unique product in the market and applies the combination of AGV and ozone generator so that it can undergo sterilization by itself and kill the virus even in the corner.

Logistics delivery trajectories analysis by machine learning

“In traditional logistics operations, activities and their durations were not properly recorded. Thus, it is difficult to understand and model the daily operations.

In this project, with given trajectories, a methodology is proposed to infer the types of activities of the delivery workers in a journey.

The method is to analyze the trajectories which can be identified from the collections of GPS data collected by the devices the deliver worker carried when they are on duty.

We would want to know whether the delivery worker is traveling or delivering the goods given a trajectory segment.”

HKU Robocon 2020

The annual Robocon competition project allows HKU engineering students from different disciplines to design and fabricate innovative robots with an integration of various advanced technologies, including IoT sensors, AI, computer vision, and mobile computing. Besides, it provides hands-on experiences on product design, prototyping, CNC machining, design and fabrication of electric circuit and PCB, control program development, etc.

Soccer Robot

This project revolves around the construction of a prototype RC soccer robot toy fabricated through laser cutting and 3D Printing. Though the use of basic mBot coding and electronic structure there is flexibility in the design and modelling of the robot itself. This particular robot was designed with a focus on retaining possession of the ball through its unique design, as well as convenient assembly for ease of use. Through this simple design we hope to encourage increased user engagement in the products they buy through creating their own designs.

Smart Ozone Sterilizing Robot

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, over millions of people infected in foreign countries every day. To fight back the coronavirus, we are here to present our product – SORBOT. SORBOT is an ozone sterilizing robot combining AGV technology and ozone generator. Ozone is a non-polluting method to sterilize the air. Robot Operating System will act as a bridge for the controlling programs of both motors and the sensors to communicate and coordinate. Using both cloud and database platforms, we can provide an easy monitoring system for our customers to track the ozone concentration and robot inside a room area. We believed that it is beneficial to the public.

Smart Mask

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a face mask has help us to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 viruses. The use of the mask has been substantially increased. For further enhancing the functionality of the mask, it is desirable for developing a smart product with an integration of digital technologies, including IoT, AI, mobile devices, and cloud computing. The smart product has the following features to minimize the spread of the COVID-19:

Smart Product Development – AGV Robot

We created an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), in the shape of a Hong Kong Tram. This AGV is able to autonomously follow, turn, and pause at a path by only given basic information about its environment. To complete this project, our team has to combine our skills in CAD modelling, 3D Printing, Advanced Machining, Laser Cutting, and Programming. Our objective in this project is to create a more fun and approachable learning tool for primary or secondary students, to learn more about the world of robotics, logistics, and automation.


WeMake provides four major services, which include customized dolls, pattern engraved phone glass film, customized accessories and print whatever you want. WeMake has implemented four advanced technologies to explore new business opportunities and attract customers. They are 3D scanning, 3D printing, augmented reality and cloud computing with the usage of mobile devices. First, customers would select the services and upload photo to the WeMake website. With the augmented reality technology, a preview of the product could be provided for customers. Once customers are satisfied with the preview, WeMake would print the product and deliver the finished product to customers. WeMake would always follow our mission: Whatever it takes, WeMake.

Smart Soccer Robot

This project aims to design and develop a smart soccer robot by using some typical engineering techniques such as laser cutting, 3D printing, CAD design, Arduino control, etc. Students are able to learn different engineering principles and skills in the modern world, with an emphasis on engineering innovation, businesses, systems, and entrepreneurship, and how to bring new ideas to market in both engineering startups and corporate settings.

Smart pet keeping system

This smart pet keeping system includes multiple modules such as neck device, cameras, motion trackers and pet toilets. The system has three main features, an entertainment system (Remote control toy), a monitoring system (Danger Alert) and a health care system (Health Tracking). It aims to help saving time on pet keeping, keep pets healthy, keep a close relationship between pets and pet owners and put an end to abandon pets.